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3 months ago

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WyattRedTruck : i love that fortnite skin
WyattRedTruck : Fortnite is cool and i like the skin
faisalFancyLake : I lovet
Dino death : Tell me what skin you want me to make
jokerGreatShoe : this is very cool
nourStrongJet : good
Karen369 : I like hold
RemyCoolLog : Cool
Dino death : Fortnite
Dino death : It is FORTNITE
Caghli : How did you make that?! It is so cool
Tfue Twin : ahhahaha hamad
AlexisbluebikeSmartTruck : Wow this is amazing bro.
Leo99 : Its fortnite what tier are you on 1 i am on 100
ironfist : nice fortnite skin there bro
elisabella : its so cool how you did it
elisabella : i bought it for you
elisabella : is it fortnite blease say it is