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about 1 year ago
like pls

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abiburgergirl : same!
RBWhoWho : Pls??!!? Thats it!! Say something better!
gold fish : Nice
RBWhoWho : Its so good
hunter c : is that grany
tinkle : Ummmmm its okay
TigerFunBoat3 : Okay? she did AMAZING !!! No offence !!!
TigerFunBoat3 : Duh !!! NO !!! She did amazing congratz for winning !!!
TigerFunBoat3 : How did she do it !!!
TigerFunBoat3 : I love it !!!
TigerFunBoat3 : She deserves a lot of coins !!!
TigerFunBoat3 : Ikr !!!
TigerFunBoat3 : True !!!
gold fish : F
Michael Caratozzolo! : Great Message! Moms are the BEST!
Sparkle Night : It is so nice!! Good job
donia_yahya : thx
PearlF : U r the best
Maker : Omg you are sooooooooooo good at making it wish you luck.
Maker : It really looks like a yong granny, haha but i think your awsome!!!.
DarkKryptus : It is granny when she was young
SmartieGirl : Yeah
Abby To : That looks great
Yilin : Preeeetty cool
Anadi P : Thats awesome don't listen to them that said mean stuff
charlee0611 : Nice
sprinkledonut : I love it how did you make it by the way im from Australia so we spell mom like mum
SamKea : Frankie Carroll copied you
Tomstoms : What the flip.
abiburgergirl : its no just goodish... its AMAZING. ^w^ ( no offence )
HaydenSmartShoe : Y is it free... MINE NOW
hunter c : It goodish
Docter Senara : I like it.
Xx Ail A : i love it
abiburgergirl : True
Henry1b : Itis rile good hao did you make it
crazy build : noice
Eviery : u should price it
donia_yahya : oooh thanks !
frankm : Great