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by Dpatino
about 2 months ago

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Unicorn sweet girl : Fine sure i didid
ambersm : O.M.G your so great at makers empire
blake19 : big
tinkle : In my mouth please
Sarah Moore : Yum! It looks amazing as well as delicious!
ElizaAlkuinofastgirl : Can you sell it for 1 dollor i will make mine free just for you
abdullah adil : it is very nice i take it
Zgirl#13 : it looks cool but the icecream is to the right and a bit of white is poking out but great job
Michaganfan 22 : So cool
Yas playz YT : Follow please!?
VicrtoriaNor : Wat is that
VicrtoriaNor : Wat is that
RainPurpleSofa : Plus, it’s a letter Y challenge. Not a cupcake challenge! Like... SERIOUSLY?!
VTCD-_- : Gg
Mireo : Nice
abdulla_malla : it is very nice
Demolisher325 : Omg so cool (you should set a price)
528093 : it is my now hhhhh
vaningend : Bit of a messy job of shapes, but overall, really quite good.
believe : good job you made me hungry!
Badgerkitten : Sweeet!
Noodle cat : Freee
Bella dance girl red cup : Okie Unicorn i Have!!!
Qween Uni : Follow plz