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7 days ago
elsa is signing with the wind thank you unkitty girl for the idea what princess should i make next for princess week?

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ElizabethBlue : never mind i look it up and now i know who it is but it will be a little hard for me to make so i'll give it a try!!
26lemiller : Thank you so much
ElizabethBlue : i made ariel already so you can look at it and yes i will make bell!!!
ElizabethBlue : okay i'll try but who nala
ElizabethBlue : okay!!
Unikittygirl : Rapunzel
Elliaea : I go Rapunzel
Iceblueprincess : Or Nala
Iceblueprincess : Jasmine or Nala
26lemiller : Bell or moana ariel
Unikittygirl : Anna