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10 days ago

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BIG BOSGreen : we know that
AmyahClever : .......
Emily X : What are you guys chatting about?
AmyahClever : Ya! Tysm
XXXxdashyxXXX : omg it's so much >>>
BIG BOSGreen : me too so
balloneCool : can you give me pleas
Maryam Star Happy : Why not wear clothes
zxc#12344 : is that designs fure your sister and you ?
BLACKPINK2016 : collllllllllllllllll
Dandona Stars : visit my dising
LaeLaeOkay : @VikingPrincessJazmine[-] check this out
Sara omar342 : nice eyes cool★
Emily X : Now this is for sale
RTShoe2 : wwooww
Magic girlFast : Can you put it free pleas
Emily X : Yes it is werid it is not made by me I took the eyes from a design.
Emily X : Okay yeah so what
Maryam Star Happy : Why not wear clothes
Maryam Star Happy : Why not wear clothes
Iamsanna : Have
Iamsanna : Can you make new ones i habe them
QueenVai! : Yes my sisters eyes she copied are pretty impressive
QueenVai! : Yes my sisters eyes she copied are sooooo cute
QueenVai! : Yeah wow how much she can get away with copying others
QueenVai! : Yes the eyes she copied and made a look are nice
QueenVai! : Yeah if call cpying others cute go ahead
QueenVai! : Yes the eyes my sister made are cute but someone copied them
QueenVai! : Yeah the eurs my sister makes are cool and nice
QueenVai! : Yes the eyes she copied are cool and nice
QueenVai! : You friends with a copyer
QueenVai! : Yeah we can be friends!!
AmyahClever : Of you and your sister
AmyahClever : Btw im a big fan
QueenVai! : You want to be friends with a copyer?
QueenVai! : You mean you like all the designs that are copied from me and my sister
QueenVai! : Yeah the eyes she copied and claim is hers is cute
QueenVai! : Yeah the eyes she copied are amazing
FaizaKitty123 : Sooo amazing
QueenVai! : She copied these
QueenVai! : These are my sisters
LanaShoe9 : Emily can we be the best friends
Minimouse : So pretty i bought them straight away
Emily X : Thanks
AmyahClever : Can i be your freind to im lonly
100FelinesPurr : I followed you.
Duckmaster11 : So cute and weired
Emily X : Of course
blue hart : Can we be friends
Emily X : Okay.
zxc#12344 : i loveit is so cute ssss ooo i like you r desins wo
12131r : Cool
Emily X : Thanks
Emily X : Hi, I just made a free design
Emily X : Thank you
blue hart : Your so kind the ice was so much nice yeah
Dandona Stars : i love you emilly
Emily X : Thanks
Emily X : We can be really good friends, will for now I am going to bed bye
Dandona Stars : cute
Emily X : Of course
Dandona Stars : can we be friend
Emily X : Thanks
ReeM HarT : cool and nice
ReeM HarT : cool and nice
Kireina : wow ^v^
June2011 : Cute but i wish it can be free so can you do it free
Emily X : Thanks
LanaShoe9 : Her eyes so cute
Preck ☆ : 2 tockens
ice crystalSmart : soooo cute emily
ice crystalSmart : soo cute emly
ice crystalSmart : soo cute emly
90218116 : Ty!
Emily X : I know now it is back to 2 tokens
Emily X : Yes, it is cheaper now it is 2 tokens
11 cupcakes : Amazing eyes
90218116 : Can you make it cheaper?
empress_dharya : If you buy mines its only 2 coins
empress_dharya : Lmaoooo this was originally my eye design lol. Glad everyone likes it
Snow spy : i make free stuff
Snow spy : Sooooooooooo cute
Emily X : Thanks
dinostorm2009 : Pretty impressive
puggymuggler : no prob
Emily X : Thanks
puggymuggler : OMG! I JUST LOVE IT!
Emily X : Thanks for your common
Ariana grande no.1 fan : Its good probaly too many objects and colours but over all i like it so ill buy em
Emily X : Thanks
Glamorgirlgamer : I like ur avitar...UwU
lionlove13136 : Que groserro!
MalLog9 : Wow
Magic girlFast : I love it
RAYAN_NINJA_GIRL !! : taking !
Emily X : Thanks
lionlove13136 : Pretty!
Emily X : I never said that it will be free
Miriamlove : Dude it at ove 90 likes
Emily X : Thanks
UnicornClever6 : Cutie
DeathFun : NYAAAAA
Emily X : Thanks
Emily X : Hi
DeathFun : Nice NYAAA
shainy styel : wow! thanks it so nice you are kind
DeathFun : NYAAA
MayaO1234 : Its 76 likes can you put to free
BAHIA 1221 : so cute
Rraanneeem : Hi Stay at home
catblas : uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
690926 : hi
Serenac797 : Sooooo adorable
vnisa : I will bay it
Vada210 : Omg there so pretty
Star buxs : Cool people be like
RAYAN_NINJA_GIRL !! : free (PLZ) !
Serenac797 : Looks adorable
Baby girl1234 : Cute
wonderMagic : Cute
blak wordlong : Now I give you money
blak wordlong : I Am Gonna Give You money
sm_10 : so cute
lele Q3 : hahah ,i like your eyes its cute .
Emily X : You can earn tokens by level up
Emily X : Hi there
Emily X : Thanks
Emily X : Thanks
The - king - of - this - game ^-^ : OMG this eyse is big ...
Henesis : I love it i mean
Henesis : I love it i mean
Donut163 : Eyes have such detail
Emma Gacha Life proJet : I like the eyes but I dont have a lot of money
Emily X : Thanks
HappyBuilder : So I pretty!
LaeLaeOkay : That is so cute! OMG
rose.h : wow
Emily X : Thanks
Latifa57234510 : WoW! so cute!
Emily X : Thanks
Emily X : Thanks
Izzy123Cool : Thats amazing!
blak wordlong : It's amazing