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8 months ago

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Yalaaa : I luv decendants
MelodyKitty : already bought that
MelodyKitty : i already bought that
Fortnitegirl : do u have money now
Fortnitegirl : ur not cool for saying shes not cool
Fortnitegirl : I buy it
LucyRose : did you make or buy? no matter, your malefincent is cute!
Leahara : i love it
isamarie : i love it
zhouj : Hi!
Unicorn_puppy : It is on sale!(:
svrey : wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
zhouj : Why?
Puppylove1324 : looks like my little sister on halloween :) in a good way!
Noodlesohs : Noodlesohs community tell you to stop selling Queen_Vai stuff. She want to make money for people good. Noodlesohs community tell you to stop or this design will be gone.
hik. : very cute
RiannaS193 : Thanks for buying the base, dress and hair!
Superman321 : WICKED
TanzinaK : yeah i agree with this person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ivvana : emma te copiaste !!
CristlStrong : your not cool
miaTruck9 : hi
902007335 : is any body in my class
GamerGirlCadence : AAHHHHHH OKI BAI
suttonel247@rssed : 3 coins!
Cool Crystal's Cave : What's your name?
emmaCoolBeaufifulSmartand : ok i am Going to sell it
RiannaS193 : Thank for also buying the wand too!
Bethany Crowder : super cool, just bought it
Cool Crystal's Cave : Who are you?
NXM : wow
BiancaMagic : It is beatiful
OliviaFun4 : woah
MariomHat : hi
JaydaMohr : plz free it PLZZ
rose_cutehearts : i am. NOT
soso is the best girl : this my favourite movie and evie and mal are my best charecter
B.C.T. Camilarie : Importa lo
902007335 : she's so preety
Fatma shehab 3h : how did you do that OMG that is soo cute maybe yours is better
B.C.T. Camilarie : Es que no le vas a poder presupuestar miles de likes
me yay : it does look like her how did you do it
Sedra Basim 3f : hey maker, your design is very crative
182829 : hola
SunnyBunny380 : I like uma she's my character
Queen Mal/Villan kid : can you make Evie and jay and carlos
me yay : o
cutiegirlnatalialove : l love et
Yalaaa : i agree
AkeelahFast : put it on sale
layla the magic person : i love it yall
Mike.exeFancy : is so beatiful
182829 : hola
uuuChair4 : que
layla the magic person : and i rich
Dassi : hi
Jordynsmart : please sel it
QueenVai! : good job on the dress modefications.
Amyiah BrownLake : teen work
keyla la pro : hello
902020868 : have you see the mal lawsnow
rhysBook : descendants! I love that movie mal is my favorite character
Galexy star 02834 : can i wear it please respond
QueenVai! : thx for buying hair
214268 : Can anybo
That_Child_Nae_Nae : Thank you! And yes, please follow me
BrianBomb : Follow @That_Child_Nae_Nae[-]