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Dress maker challenge
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Dress maker challenge

3 days ago
Type @empress_dharya in the comments to join!

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LunahPlayS 2.0 : Oh oki
Chocolate1029 : But your outfit is not for sell
Chocolate1029 : Then we just make it in our desingns right?
Lilly123Blue : @empress_dharya[-] ok
DiaraHat : Please sell
Que41 : How?
Chocolate1029 : @empress_dharya[-]
empress_dharya : Using this manakin create your own outfitlike my example then @empress_dharya[-] on your final results! Ill be showing the winners designs on our gallery!-QueenVai!
LunahPlayS 2.0 : @empress_dharya[-]
Catblas123 : how
Mina.M : How?
Mina.M : Oooo ok