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4 days ago
The animals in the ocean are dieing because of us in other words, animals are making other animals die

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Molang : Por terdle
coolman23 : Sksksksksk
GalaxyDragon : Awww i agree
❤KittyCornZoe❤ : #saveturtles
XxCloudyXx : savetheturtles sksksksksk XD
Sassylolz : U vsco?
100SHOTS : I agree i saved lil baby shark because some body poured alot of pop cans in the sea that made me real mad
@mail.fcboe.org : #savedaturtles
@mail.fcboe.org : Impressive!
Asif Ann Nafi : wish these 5ton of plastic ending up inour oceans eat year end and the animals in the ocean live prosporously!
Asif Ann Nafi : Clap;clap
Kamal 23 : # save the sea turtles
Cjexterminator3 : GREAT
Puppydoglake : Keep the ocean clean people
Fluffy The Cat : #SaveTheTurdTails
Fluffy The Cat : KSKSKSKskkskskkksskskskkskskskksk
Fluffy The Cat : Skskskkskskskskksksksksk
ADdaily : Ye
CampbellGCAlt : #savewildlife
Skylark05 : #savedeturtles# mhm
catcat123Lake : SAVE THE TURTLES! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
-lyka- : thats nice
abdulaiz165 : nice
902018831 : Thank you god
Fuffy wolfeMagic : #savetheturtles
sophia lau : agree
Queen crystal the great : #savetheturtles
Kittykitten : !O!M!G!
:}{: : Agree
D a v i a : Yes save the turtles save all the animals I am a furry so… yeah
Xxxpinkiexxx : Agree
Puppy dogLake : How did you do that keep the oceans clean and save the dolphins
Meow29 : #savetheturtle is very true
Coffin dance : Yes, yes, #savetheturtles
artgirl223 : omg of corse save the turtles
GalaxyDragon : #savedaturtles