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Epic Rooster
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Epic Rooster

4 months ago
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Big chungus 101 : Omg so cute
MayStrongHat : Adorable and cute
Timy tim tam tom : I think this will be a game peice ;)
MayamagRedShoe : Aren’t chickens just ADORABLE!
TheMLGestdog : I love chickens
Wendy28 : What a great Rooster
Hail : Epic so cute I love it
3Fr.Cassie : I love roosters!
ColtonO10 : l,koooooo5mr,km867rfdrcvl,k6i7fd6r,lkiuh6cvfdrcv,lkiu i vdfrc,klu hmmmmmmmm,k
ColtonO10 : o9pkngokgnm,frmn5rtrrrrrgbifrtrin bmg7uifrtfrgiutuifrtbnmf