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Purple girl
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Purple girl

15 days ago

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Rawan love you : Follow me plz
568424 : omg i like it so cute
Meem.Devil : no problem.
•Mia keep• : @Epicminigames[-]
rozy girl : hmm I think she need something to be cute pot hir eyes big bot your noce small gust thate and she will be cool,cute
Epicminigames : Yeah and thank u
Meem.Devil : Hey girl! I really amazed from your designs, it's so awesome! i wish that you could reach the 1K followers soon:)
Yuma_24 : Wowwww!
kittycorn 6025 : So cute and my fav colour
Boatﻰﻀﺗﺮﻣ : أسطورة
lindseyriffel : Good job.
candy cake : me two
The - king - of - this - game ^-^ : @Epicminigames[-]
candy cake : ur wecome
Epicminigames : Thank u.good sir.:D
Mash15_Jae : Same here
Mash15_Jae : CUTE!!!!! W-W
coco,girl : cute ^_^
Alreem cute 5 : so cute like me Alreem cute 5
Epicminigames : Awe thank u
ElleBook : I brought this
Alinafastbook : Lower price
dragon_gamer : Oh my gosh it’s so pretty and with my fav color it’s more pretty!! \\^w^//
kingomar8900 : Cool!!
RainbowFun9 : I wish that was me
Epicminigames : Oh ok lol
Coffee girlBlue : nice and sooo cute
CL0WNT0WN- : soo amazing honestly ALL of ur designs are amazing -3-
CJB_1012 : So good! How did you do the eyes???
Epicminigames : U can watch it press the left button on the buttom of the picture
Xxyuka's_gachasxX : cute!!!
The - king - of - this - game ^-^ : OMG Cute and amazing :(
Epicminigames : Oh ok that’s an oof for u
Epicminigames : Thanks u
Epicminigames : Thank u
Coffee girlBlue : you're welcome^_^
...AzzA... : ٍshe`s nice
Epicminigames : Thanks
s404554 : np :)
Epicminigames : Thank u
s404554 : Amazing :)