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Skateborad kid
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Skateborad kid

13 days ago

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Red deadFun : cool i love to skate like this
Boatﻰﻀﺗﺮﻣ : kfoooooo
blak wordlong : WOW COOL!!!
Epicminigames : Yes my name is “epicminigamesi”
Epicminigames : Yessir u can friend me it’s at my profile
Awsome kitty cat : My user is kitty36115
Awsome kitty cat : Do you play roblox if so can i friend you
Awsome kitty cat : Do you play roblox coz your user name is a game in roblox :)
The manager of this game : what hat animal or no think
Mina.M : Cool!
Fluffy The Cat : The HANDSSSsSsSsSs!? HOW DID U DO That
nora beuty : @Epicminigames[-]
dragonboy#2Qui : cool i guess
s404554 : np :)
parkjimin3lovely : ur welcome
Epicminigames : Thank u
Epicminigames : Thank u
317205Lake : wow
parkjimin3lovely : lol xD
parkjimin3lovely : i like it
parkjimin3lovely : its look like a 3D
candy cake : cool!
THE HUMAN BEAN : ot is 100% trueeeeee!
THE HUMAN BEAN : woop woop is the sound of the police XD
Maker : Woop woop thats the sound of the police
s404554 : Amazing 0-0
so so 20 : wow
Epicminigames : Lol ok
THE HUMAN BEAN : 1T 1s g0w1ng t0 be poplaer