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Chinese Zodiac Animals
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Chinese Zodiac Animals

9 months ago
My design should win because it is creative and well built.

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ELLA REETHS.purple : Amazing (not sarcastic voice)
Nash b : How did it win????
Pop pop pop : Amazing
IrisFunTruck : You are amazing and awsome!
NoraUniPup : Its truley awesome
Ben green red : NOW!!!!
Ben green red : Everywon like this!!!!!!
Isabel Luthra 3 : I looove it!
Ben C. : Lit
Isabel Luthra 3 : What was your prize!?
NoraUniPup : Your welcome
ERIK KOWALSKI-night : Thank you very much!!!
FishPurpleSock24 : How do you make that
Ben green red : What!?
Yoboy logan : How!?!?!?!?
ERIK KOWALSKI-night : Thank you very much!!!
Isabel Luthra 3 : You are sooo right!
ConnorBlueTruck : How did it win again
ConnorBlueTruck : Me to
fish.KAYDEN PELSTRING : Wow!! Awesome Erik!
SnailRedTruck52 : Thats sooooooooo good I LOVE IT!!!!