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12 months ago

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flashfortnite : cool
water-Brooklyn : Yeah I like nerf gun vides and calste story.
Shadiye : Its not nice
blue-Andre : Its average
Pfros7 : I agree
Elena2005 : pokemon is sully
Nicolezhang : Get wreaked
blue-Andre : Pokemon is ok
Jman : Pokeimon is awsome. Stop hating!
Master mark : Wow
Master mark : Really good
Master mark : So cool
PixelArt : So are you. ;)
Tariana9 : Love it
André.wings : pokemon is stupid
CooperJ : Andre is mean
CooperJ : Pretty cool
Aleski1 : wierd
AngelC1 : i like it dont listen to them i will like it
Ethan10 : no it`s not pokemon is cool buts
saiese : Neither Are You
Oliver Durand : Nice
DT-1061 : no its not i okay derp