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digital hourglass

over 1 year ago

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Fairy wing : O Dbfn is a profile i saw it he only has 6 desighns and he dont have a face on his profile
Tang Chung Hei : Awsome
jug5f : yesssss GooD
D Ramos : Lit
Gopper : @Nanapinkgirl,[-] I don’t think a 3year old would know how to make an account. -Yours truly, Gopper. (inb4 r/woosh)
Nanapinkgirl : @dbfn[-] , you have no face on ur profile
Nanapinkgirl : @dbfn[-] , you are 3 years old?
Alfred.A : That is a cool robot!
kylaxXrm : awww cute
dbfn : onfncj jc
sp_ryanb : 100% a mcboargor :)
Hubstadog77 : Lit
Samuel.truck : Cool
Nacho Donkey : Whoa dude!
Rainybow_Unicorn : nice ur awesome