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Rubix Cube
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Rubix Cube

6 months ago
It’s A Rubix Cube

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mr.guy. : Cool
KITTYKAT20162017 : Wot the
falicia12 : lol same
falicia12 : wow could you please put the cost down i wanna buy it! :)
LolerKitan : This is so cool!
luberfub : i can't solve a rubix cube oof
Yashi : Oh Wow
Isabella cool : So cooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Alegraleg : How did you make it!
AlexQuickTruck4 : Thats because it is!
Happy Sophie Lee : SooooOooO expensive but *cool*.
Yashi : Coooooooooooooooooooool!
Yashi : I t looks like a maze I played
Isabella cool : Love
elexa : cool
A50010121 : Woooooooow
Coolfang : Ausome
Coolfang : Nice and amazing
Sheen : good job
Helene74 : Is a model
Michelle2255 : Great artist
SnailGreat4 : Wooooow!
~+*Billie_Eilish*+~ : Omg tht’s awesome! :D
Bobzala pro : You need to practice
Bobzala pro : You guys are great to follow me
Red panda-power10 : I will follow you
Red panda-power10 : Wow gary you deserrv 10k How long did it take
Nightwing45 : Cool
ClariVGG : Wow.
AlexQuickTruck4 : I love it... If only i could beat you on the maze
sharaynna : wow
falicia12 : Woooow