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My house
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My house

11 days ago
Hi! I am Sophie From Carlingford West Public School.

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midnight_lavender : No u copied it from sophie
liliaPurple : i made this.
Master of unicorns : In 1R in yr one
Queen of the forest : Hey are you doing like me becuse i made like this design :(
midnight_lavender : are u katie in 3O?
midnight_lavender : same sophie is in my class
2564 : Soy joselin
2564 : Cool
Mria _ 57 : Coooooool
Chloe. L : Awsome Job There Make more is what i sugest. :D
Master of unicorns : Hi sophie
Makers Empire PRO : I meant libary
AnimeLover2.0 : This is so cool, keep up with the great work!
Makers Empire PRO : SOPHIE MUST GET 1000 LIKES!
Diysweetie : So cool
Happy Sophie Lee : 114 likes!
AshleeLake : Hdhgc
Choioiioioioi : Wowowwwwww
Master of unicorns : IM KATIE
cutelAngell : omg i love it sooooo much btw love it
Lovelymonstermaker : Cool!!!
☆♡★ : Wow!
Bobjeff JR : Hi
Mr. Awsome : So cool and homey
#KitKatLover : Nice!!
Happy Sophie Lee : Olivia
midnight_lavender : Btw Sophie i think it’s a rlly cool design i would never have thought of making a house! :)
Helene74 : I love your house
Happy Sophie Lee : Whoever bought it thanks!!
Java Who123 : I’m from Carlingford West too!
smart sock : I am teresa 3g
Bats : I like the piano
Kccole : Youtube set ups i dig
smart sock : I am Teresa(3G)
midnight_lavender : OMG Sophie u have so many likes! GJ!
lillybug111213 : i lov this so much
Coolfang : Nice and I am goinig to buy one
BirdCup95 : best house
AlexanderBurns4i : That is boss level amazing!
Makers Empire PRO : SHE DESERVES 1000 LIKES
Makers Empire PRO : Good job on the libaty sophie! BTW U WERE IN MY YEAR ONE CLASS AND WE MET TODAY
Candy lo : Great job!
MossyMooseMilly100 : Omg so realistic
smart sock : Give tockens
ivy ash : is because its cheep
ivy ash : pepole will buy it if its cheep and nice
Xavier the best : Noice.
Makers Empire PRO : EVERYONE
midnight_lavender : Huh? What?
Abi123456789 : Do it agen ps
Dior Hu : cool house!
Pippa1234 : That is like minecraft
Happy Sophie Lee : Why are there so much people buying my house???
Maisie the Queen : Yeah it is terrrific I am giving you alike and buying your. Design
hi people amaya : cool house
졸졸졸 : Good!
Afra1234567890 : Is this your real house
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Im in yr9!
JodieWhittaker : Abbriviation, love
Dior Hu : How come you’re in my class?I’m in year 4.
CooooooolFast : Cool!!!
Dior Hu : I
Dior Hu : The games says so.
Dior Hu : The only problem is that you forgot to have a proper floor!
Dior Hu : I don’t know. I think they like it a lot.
Bellatrix Ella : Great gob its so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
ScottStrong : Hi Sph
Sebastian james re : You should do this better
I miss you Abgail and Katie : Soo cool i love my house
Sonaphiethepotato : Hi olivia I am Sophie I have 2 accounts...
Chloe. L : Mabey say something nice about her amasing creation
zenab : Mak mor
ClariVGG : Reaalllyy cool!
ClariVGG : Yeah.
2564 : Hola
Queen of the forest : But a forest house So its not the same
AmyCleverJet : I really like this. Good job sophie
ClariVGG : Roblox.
midnight_lavender : Hi Sophie
midnight_lavender : Say waaaaa i never knew that
Chloe. L : Mabey add more of a comment
Andrea.garcía : I love it
Master of unicorns : Im katie
Sonaphiethepotato : We had to do it. I made it at community language when we were split.
midnight_lavender : Sophie,do u play rblx?
midnight_lavender : Hello! I’m from 3C Mr.barret’s class!
midnight_lavender : What class r u in?
midnight_lavender : I’m Olivia
midnight_lavender : Are u the sophie lee in my class?