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Forest fire
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Forest fire

about 2 months ago
if you wonder why everything is so bright and yellow it's becuse the fire makes the forest light up.

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LordOfBlazingIce : Im australian btw
LordOfBlazingIce : #savethekoalas
PixieCrEamPOt : Now there is the coronavirus :(
JuIia : There's bushfires in Australia right now (where I live) and this is exactly what's happening to the trees. I feel so sad for the Koalas, their homes are burning :(
Seyara : But u have......excellent talent
Amanda is the best! : I know! But there's rain! LUCKILY
Amanda is the best! : The koala died. :(((
sydney34 : a woman saved a koala from a tree!
sydney34 : so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so good!!! i wish i could do that!
Helgy : yeah i heard that on the news, how is it going for you in Autralia? @Julia[-]
Helgy : thanks :)
Audrey A : Helgy,in your thanks to everyone design,I metioned you! I'll do it again to tell you @Helgy[-]
Helgy : oh no :(
Helgy : hey i'm back :)
Audrey A : It was super detailed,but you know the trees are on fire...
Amanda is the best! : A koala died! Is that the bushfire in Jervis Bay@ Ne[-]w years eve? People who live in jervis bay had to live in beach! Holiday makers had to sleep in cars :(((
sana&hamid : me too:(
sana&hamid : cooooool!!!
Tim_Lloyd : you did a good job....but the trees...
f(x) : Poor the trees but I still love your design!
Grouvy : BUT i'm sad because the trees are on fire :(
Grouvy : Nice :D
RetajAbdalla : good
Helgy : just want to say something, i'm going to be away for like three days so don't worry if i don't write any comments in that time span and think "oh no! she's dead!" lol, that's all :)