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A car in the night
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A car in the night

by Helgy
18 days ago
i love how the light effects turned out :D

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chrisMagic : cool
Helgy : thanks =)
sana&hamid : your art is always fantastic:-)
Helgy : maybe you have been siting in the backseat of the car and watching the driver from the dark :o
ÏMÅGĖ ØF ĀÑ ŃĮGHTMÅRË : I feel as if ive been here before.
#bobfun : wow
Helgy : i know you do, and i use my talent, i have been drawing almost my whole life so yeah :)
AspenFancy : i. like. you
Mystery time : Omg so cool
loving blue : hoooooooooooooow
#bobfun : How did you do that?! (I'm asking that in a good way)
Helgy : utilicé habilidades :)
sanic.io : is soooooow real!!!
ariana Grande Zara : cómo haces eso eso es súper difícil
Helgy : yeah i'm proud of them :)
Helgy : you're not dreaming my friend :)
Maze mania : The loght effect is driving me bananas!
Maze mania : Cool
Maze mania : I am wordering if I am dreaming!!!
water.Hello! : looks good but I could probably make it my self
cute mEmE 123 : omg cool
rmns : cool
C.Ronaldoblue : good figamijig
Dragonet Current : omg so cool
GachaDevilVenixia : who goes to school 45
Charliepoochicken : figamijig
Fawkes : That looks cool!!
1234edd : cool
1234edd : oo
1234edd : ooo
1234edd : so scary hell no i was just joking hell yea good designing
ىﺪﺷاﺮﻟا ﻪﺿور : ايش معنه الكلم ع ى ا ر
Dassi : @Helgy[-]
Dassi : @Dassi[-]
Grouvy : That's totally TRUE !
BramblestarAva : eeeeeeeentresting
Rachelpink : you buyed this stuff
TigerHappyTruck15 : oh yeah
sosoGreen8 : رائع
zeid3a : amazing
alia khalifa : lol
alia khalifa : momoomom
plack cat : OMG
Charlie Tangney. : so cool
Helgy : you know whene you have the thing that shows your shapes on the side of the screen, at the bottom of that on the left side so have you two thing that sticks out, click there and you can costumize your background and take away the platform if you want, i hope you know what i mean, it''s hard to explain without actually showing it.
MaryaLog : what
MaryaLog : love you 🇦🇪💞
MaryaLog : marya
Helgy : a really tall guy with a white face and he comes from a creepypasta :)
Helgy : lol
suraj VermaFast : flbest design
suraj VermaFast : best d
giang2010 : amazing! how can u do it
haila232Boat : 😊
haila232Boat : good
ebonnee24 : thats good
YeetusBoi : Noice im too broke to buy tho i would
mha4a : coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
what in the world : amazing
NaturalSerpent : That is sooo good! How do you make the background black? :)
lucasBlue7 : cool
1234anne : Hi
Kittypearl10 : who the heck is slenderman
Andearajones : so beauifut
sonic boomJet : GREAT
902028854 : cool
SUPER HERO MEME123 : nbcvjxml..gbn hhdfjmk,l.s;/atuhfjucsdxplz;ayikgbvolptc;fxd1234567890
3ishaaa : wwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww
aa ss : I LOVE
aa ss : nace
aa ss : wow
aa ss : cryyz
sliverchat : hi by sliverchat
Jack davy : omg great
Helgy : yeah you're right :)
KhalilLog : Khalil
Helgy : do you mean my character skin? if so thanks :)
Helgy : The tires are also from "car parts"
Helgy : No offence don't worry, it wasen't that hard and i drew the leaves and the car are from "car parts" but i put the windows and the head lights on the car :)
khater3-5 : ew ggaaaaggaaa
dawud ahmed : I like your costume. AND Will you buy it
Helgy : If you belive enought he might appear :)
Helgy : Yeah right :)
147899 : omg i i cannt say any thing just its pritty cool
+6...0. : 1234567890qwertyuiop[]sdsfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,.
+6...0. : 123dyekhdlkdbhchjjncdiikciifiiutgio;fdlp;'fg;'
adbulla1245678910 : MN=]PH-PHKعتعتعاتاختاختاخ
adbulla1245678910 : VBVBVJHVJVJBH
Helgy : Hi everyone you need to look at @Dannan1[-]
Rhys : thought i saw slenderman in the trees...
alef.com : furhrhkfgrygygtuefuyegrjteyrgfhegry3ghrhwuygry3yer3tygrey3rgeyhwyet3ygry3gbrh3yedwhjdhweuhfjyd7fgt6rhg7uhvkth,fjvfkmv,mnfgmhthbbfjvydjhyfehdjfhekygryfrggrdhgudrjvgueiyhvdjhxcyugshdbcsdhgfndkuygjfhdouvrdhgfbnsueyugfhe4
alef.com : omy gad
Anharo3c : GOOD
thanosBoat2.0 : reminds me of hello neibor when ricky moves in
MaDeLf : HOW???????
Grouvy : I see him... His designs are just AMAZING !!!
Mia ! : ew your style @Helgy[-]
Unicorn123Fast : THIS IS SO SO SO COOL!!!!
xxRosie_the_gamerxx : i agree at first i thought you were a hacker, but i see now that your just a PRO! A GOD! A LEGEND!
Helgy : He is amazing :D
maithoo.w : how you dot
DJCOOLK : This is amazing!!
Grouvy : You had a incredible Talent ! Good job Helgy !
ﻦﻳﺎﺗ : love lukt so mah
Bright Colours : this looks creepy but fun at the same time
MelodyKitty : looks soooo real
sanja14 : wow
dez! : wow just wow
NA513747 : Soooo cool
Grouvy : You are welcome !
Helgy : Thanks :D
Grouvy : i agree !