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A really big snake!
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A really big snake!

about 2 months ago
he might look mean but he is really kind :)

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Helgy : have you guys ever heard of a 'Titanoboa' before?, that's the biggest snake that have ever lived. titanoboa lived at the same time as the dinosaurs and it could swallow crocodiles in one gulp like nothing. but don't worry the titanoboa died 60 million years ago.
Helgy : thanks :)
Grouvy : Amazing :O
Magical Hugh : ok i'm gonna go know
f(x) : HE seems to be big and scary!:000
bradGreat : WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Audrey A : That is Amazing! =D
Helgy : yeah i think it was like 43ft long. and if you use meters it's 23m long :)
JuIia : Woah, that must have been a REALLY big snake to swallow a crocadile! :0
Helgy : thanks :)
JuIia : cool! :D