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Bird nest :)
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Bird nest :)

8 months ago
The bird is so cute :D

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PixieCrEamPOt : Cute!
PixieCrEamPOt : Cute!
Audrey A : Sweet!
Matt Admin : Hi @Helgy[-] - sorry for the delay replying to you. I'll send a proper email today if we have a contact - it should be really fun, but don't stress :)
Ava.wl : LOVE IT
Helgy : what do you want to learn?
Helgy : thanks :)
LordOfBlazingIce : bruh you rock teach me sometime
Theterrykid : Really really nice job!
Theterrykid : Really like the design.
CiraBellaRedSock : cutest thing I've ever seen
ariana Grande Zara : qué bonito
wareesha : awwwww cute so much cute
Helgy : gracias :)
sana&hamid : hi helgy do you like art?
mansour20 : please make a sale
EJyeet : twet
JuIia : I LOVE birds sooo much! This is so cute! :D
Helgy : art is my hobby and i love it :)
sana&hamid : same question.
Dice Dragon : Wow I agree with my other character, that is good :) @Helgy[-]
alpish : dtyrt4qabbdyjdasbdna davyh ctygsfdtefsw sbdvcwtfs slnhgcosdyjgoso co dobvosdjkchliol
undertalelulu : it looks so cute
Rona R : wow,very nice
Helgy : Hey matt, i'm happy that you guys like my work, and what happends if i become a pro user?
Sedra Basim 3f : amazing
alyazi cool : 528 481205 iomjuin uae15280mknlujikhnbujhn 5289520
sana&hamid : I so you are good.
Matt Admin : Hey Helgy, Matt from Makers Empire here. We love your work! Would you be interested in becoming a Makers Empire PRO user?
AlinaM : that bird is so so so cute!!!
NaturalSerpent : that is true, the bird is very cute :)
NaturalSerpent : That is super good Helgy! it must have taken time! :)
khaledSofa8 : how did you do that
FaithSmart : tweet tweet
Helgy : i think i have to say no, i would feel stressed with everything, but thanks anyways that you took some time of your day to talk to me, have a nice day Matt :)
Helgy : yeah birds are awsome, but turkeys can be a little mean :|
Matt Admin : ... if you add an email address in 'settings' it will be *private*. Then we can contact you with more details. Is that okay?
#bobfun : HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!
Grouvy : Nice !
jeff69................ : people these days amazing design
sana&hamid : right!
Matt Admin : We want PRO users to creat videos about how they make their designs, so we can share them with other users. We need an email address...
sana&hamid : nice job!
Helgy : um just one thing, there is some weard glitch, i went and bout alot of inported shapes from the wending machine but when i looked on the inported shapes list things where gone and that includes the unlockable shapes too :/
Dassi : i read it all up
Matt Admin : Hi Helgy, "PRO" is a new idea we're trying. PRO users will receive a special level and other rewards (in app and real life).