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8 months ago
i'm so angry and sad right now, whene i was making it the app just quit on me so i had to do it AGAIN!

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Helgy : thanks :)
Helgy : thanks alot @Tim_Lloyd[-] :D
Tim_Lloyd : thats not nice, we can all be friends
Helgy : it's okey, that kind of things happends but i think it took like 1h maybe :)
Helgy : if you promise to be nice :)
nathan j.i : haaaaaaa so cool
alpish : can i be your freind
loving blue : i mean you did good but I don't really like demons
steelecc769 : it is cute
Helgy : yeah, some scary art :)
Dogcute25 : helgy i am the friend of julia go away
JuIia : we can all be friends...
N O O B : Me d0nt ar is hav frend ):
Ps4Hat : Man your Tricks are great
Tim_Lloyd : I admire that, even through failuer, you tried agian and made a beatuiful creation
Tim_Lloyd : its ok, your just tring to make art
Helgy : i don't think anyone wants a demon around them
sanic.io : coooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllll!
loving blue : I am
Sapphire11 : wow how do u make them???
Helgy : thanks :D
Grouvy : Wow Amazing !
Cool Crystal's Cave : No your not an werido Helgy is!
Helgy : i know, i'm a little crazy :)
roriclaire : good job but i dont like demons
Tim_Lloyd : @Helgy[-]
Helgy : thanks :)
DieDie : I will buy it
rosePurple5 : hi cool
PandaBear 35 : AAH! sorry i just jokinfg
^Venom^ : What if your christan tho /:
^Venom^ : Noice m8 keep the work up human, good character skills.
the legnd : wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow