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Ghost boy of the water of youth
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Ghost boy of the water of youth

about 1 month ago
look for my comment about his story ---->

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Helgy : Lol
LordOfBlazingIce : Helgy the boy has a ketchup ? on his forehead
Tim_Lloyd : thats so cool, in your desription, you said you are going to make your own game sometime, i bet its going to be AMAZING!! better than this game!
addisyn blue : wooooooow
JuIia : yeah, it is cool! :o
Helgy : it's a simbol, it means "spirit of the trees". i made it up, hope you think it's cool :)
JuIia : That's creepy! What's on his forehead? :O
Audrey A : This is pretty cool!
Cool Crystal's Cave : The thing on his forhead is blood
Dimah Mazen : oooo!
Grouvy : Creepy :O
Helgy : i like dark stories :)
Helgy : thanks :D
Helgy : yes he is :)
Doyoung Lee : That boy is super creepy.:0
sana&hamid : yeah
Grouvy : :O