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by Helgy
2 months ago
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Hero! : That is really dope.
Sirpickl3 : How do u make dis
Fairy wing : Yah i c-a-n?
Rainbow panda : I love the Indorapter its my favroite dinosuar and I love the movie fallen kingdom and I really like your degine!
Charlie #Go Crows☺ : I love Jurassic World Fallen Kindom And I love the indoraptor too
Lusoto : My brother like it
Samy stal : Jurassic world is da best
Helgy : It’s my crazy friend again. Lol
Helgy : I have allot of free time :)
Im a thing :D or am i? : Ok i stop saying ok
Hero! : Sorry i was ment to say that how did he/she have time to do this?
Hero! : How does
ITS WENSDAY BOII : Can you guys check out my designs
Samus the snake : This is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
unicorn1233 : ya same here
Indoraptor7731 : I love JW FK and indoraptor
Shadowplays : Its a cool design i love jurassic world