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Knight of the wondering hills!
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Knight of the wondering hills!

2 months ago
it's said that he have slayed 32 dragons

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marijose : what is that
MoltenBomber : that cool
yeiiowfaicon37 : ههههههه
Helgy : you're welcome :)
LordOfBlazingIce : helgy thanks for the comments on my knight ^-^
The mega god : wow
FreshGANGSTER : How do you friend pp
hf g : w,al,a
addisyn blue : whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
TAYLAH08 : who would follow you
Helgy : Thanks :D
Maker : how did you get it that big im new so i just want to know
mohmeda3-4 : vgi
kvt : cccccoooooollllll
devilCup4 : ew
designGreen : وووووووووووووووو
designGreen : هههههههههههههههههه
vincentGrey : Can you send
quinnRed : the guy i the picture, duh Helgy
coolkidBoat : cool
Helgy : you don't have to follow me, it's your choice :)
RedPrincess : amazing
Helgy : i can do -2 coins :)
Helgy : Thanks :D
welcomeRed6 : 786976
Amanda is the best! : I LOVE the....armour. Oops, the whole one looks SUPERB! Keep up the good work you've done there, Helgy
Alex the amazing : can you make it less or fre plz
EmmaFancy4 : your amazing
asdort : please
asdort : give me free
eeeeeGreen : ok wow
Helgy : :D
Helgy : he doesen't save girls from towers, he only slay bad dragons :)
Helgy : yeah :)
Helgy : what is big?
Helgy : i already follow you :)
Helgy : thanks :D
Amanda is the best! : Seriously? 32 is a LOT
TAYLAH08 : booooooooo
Audrey A : Amazing! I love how you made it!
Amanda is the best! : Very good job!
eeeeeGreen : how wow ok
sana&hamid : helgy please follow me!
Tim_Lloyd : i dont know how you do it Helgy! but all of these designs look so good!
Tim_Lloyd : i love it!
Tim_Lloyd : omg its so good!
Grouvy : Beautiful :O
Helgy : thanks :D
JuIia : Wow, I love the hands wait nevermind I love all of it! XD