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(Pokémon) Charizard mega evolution X
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(Pokémon) Charizard mega evolution X

by Helgy
9 days ago
This is my favorite form to Charizard :D

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salamakaram : wow
poppy oi : bbbrrrrroooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
Fnafboy47 : Its just called eevee, spelled exactly that way.
sana&hamid : what is your design called? i wanna see it, i wanna see it!
sana&hamid : sorry again, design
sana&hamid : sorry, desighn
sana&hamid : what is your desine?
sana&hamid : me too! I live in the United Arab Emirates, but I am Syrian.
alpish : please enter my design its butiful
alpish : its ok we are all freinds KaidenFun
lachlanred9 : howww
Helgy : thanks :)
AsomeTruck : I give 1 million thumbs up
YPP daniel : can the price be 5 or 10
KaidenFun : Alpish i Sorry can you forgive me
alpish : i have a pokemon sword
alpish : please i love why you make the price so expensive i am sorry
the legnd : can you let us buy it
matty boi : wowwwwwww
alpish : from where are you girls and boys i am from united arab emirates
dttd : wow I love that I like pokemon to.
mansour20 : i am the sister of alpish
the legnd : do tou have pockemon sword
Helgy : well it took some effort to make it so i took the price that would fit :)
Fnafboy47 : Do you like eevee, if so can you look at my design? Im doing all the evolutions as well.
unicornj4 : loving it
Helgy : yes and i love it :)
Helgy : i made him :)
Helgy : okey i can try :)
Helgy : thanks and charizards X is super cool :D
suttonel247@rssed : srsly, alpish just because your name means a tall mountain doesn't mean u r the boss! B(
alpish : hegly i am sorry just feel when you dont have money and all the maze are by money what you will do?
SAIFHappy8 : NANI?!
alpish : i dont have enough money
alpish : i am the boss
Doomsday-stroy : I love this,this is the best creation ive ever seen, mega charizards are cool!
Ajay ool : check out my designs and my name is called Ajay ool
Ajay ool : can you make a Mega charizard Y evolution
Helgy : are some fighting going on in the comments here? why?
KaidenFun : I not talk to you
Ajay ool : I love pokemon
alpish : please forgive me
alpish : you dont talk to me kaidenfun
Snowicy : This is amazing!
KaidenFun : I talk to hely
smok : thats bad get better look at mi pictures i will make a sale
nogj : fto
nogj : can you lower it down to 6
haila232Boat : منو متحمس حطو قلب
Helgy : well for some parts i drew them like the wings and the fire :)
alpish : i will be your freind
alpish : please
alpish : sale for 25day
alpish : make a sale
alpish : expensive
alpish : maybe no body will buy your maze
jordanHCup : ok nice
Great akshaj : Could you tell me how did you made this mega chrizad X
GravityMazer13 : i play pokemon go
20 trons : I love charizard
20 trons : I love
Tue Minh : it's great
red saplasssawjs : wow keren
KaidenFun : Can you click me
KaidenFun : Can you buy my money o make $600 it cost 50 coin
Tue Minh : me
sana&hamid : I love Pokemons! nice! cooooooool!
Helgy : no es tan difícil pero solo soy yo :)
Helgy : okey what is it?
PandaBear 35 : yeah!
loving blue : what
Fairy unicorn princess : make it three
Ellie <3 : l
KaidenFun : Helgy can i ask you someting please
Alein : me!
sanic.io : i love pokemon
ariana Grande Zara : madre mía pero qué difícil es hacer eso
JodieWhittaker : hey guys i am giving away an account (13Th) to someone who comments on any of my designs. you guys dont need to follow me or anything
kitty mitty : sooo cooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!
GreenFancy : lf you ride on that dragon... IT WlLL BE SICK!!!!!!!
Fortnite2009 : Amazing
sanic.io : is soooooooooooooooow coooooooool!
Katey :3 : tfdgcffrrfyhtrhtrerthdgfbsfdgthfdtfhdtrhgdfhgncffgcnhcnfchgnhfncgnhchnfcdfhnnhgfnghfhnftnhfgfhngfnhtnhgfnhfnhgnghfhnfgnhfggn tdgntfngff
rmns : cool
Dassi : k
Harry potterTruck : Pokemon
sbut : nice il by it!!!
nfs n nfda : slksksk
kiddanger1 : well i think that you should ride the dragom that would be sick!!!!!
demon hunter wow : so goo
riki_devil girl : that looks so cool! how do you do that
Hacker Oli : cool
HarrisonSmartJet : Harrison smart
DustinBoat : XD
alan el pro : proasa
spikyRed : Looking! I like it!
loma fairy : i am also in it
loma fairy : its cool
loma fairy : its cool
loma fairy : there's a pokemon club!! come i in!!
a l n a s y : shammaq
khaledSofa8 : let us buy it pleaaaaase
khaledSofa8 : your awesome
khaledSofa8 : is that zeckram
Throwababytoawall : whaths this for?
YeetusBoi : Jeez u ar a boss
sonija is chin : so cool! I like it!
Sting ray : wow
sanic.io : wow is amizing
EJyeet : d
Boy strong : oooooooommmmmmmmmgggggggggg
YA BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII : eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
alan el pro : pro
Flamemaster422 : Omg omg omg. Omg
Eyob27Cool : same
Peanut_Butter : vfg gf rht trggrttvtvtgvgrtgtgrvgtr coosllslsossoo
Andy-tree : can you make it cheeper?
shamsaBook4 : whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
dragonking80 : it sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooool
mikmkja18 : ot;lkhlklkblhgbkk
mikmkja18 : 454811000000000000000
mikmkja18 : uhduhzncyyghfujfujhcdhchjhkjdwsuhxiiiiyipcuyopiivjfjfgjfjkfhjcooooo
DanielLake3 : OMG THIS IS SUPER!
XxlolzART08 : Omg its soo cool i thinking about buying it :>
ADERRed : .krgfhn b 2iukj3wsen xvs
ADERRed : Gfgnagfhfhhfdhhfhhfhhfhhfhhfhhfhhfhhfhhfhhfhfhhfhhyfyffyfyfyyyfyyfyyfyfyyfyfyfyyfyfyyfyfyycyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyffyyiiiiiiiiiiiii its cool
beau lee3000 : that is fin
Phinoos : can you wear it?
Helgy : Yeah he's awsome and strong ):)
Helgy : i'm sorry but i'm happy with my price
beau lee3000 : can you mack it cheper
Great akshaj : Wow that’s so cool and my favorite pokemon is mega chrizad X.
beau lee3000 : the coolest
beau lee3000 : this pokemon is
EthanB. : my bad I love it
EthanB. : your welcome it is so cool
Helgy : :D
Helgy : Thanks :)
Helgy : Me too :)
Helgy : I follow you and liked alot of your stuff, i love pokémon too and thier games are awsome :)
Ice Warrer : O MY GODDD!!! :0 :0 :0 IT’S SO COOOLLL!!!
EthanB. : hello I love Pokémon
NaturalSerpent : @lomafairy[-] I have followed you because you seem cool and nice :)
loma fairy : wowie following you helgy i love pokemon too you shuld check them out! would love if you followed me too any one alse is welcomed to follow me!! GO POKEMON! YA
loma fairy : hey guys theres a pokemon club where we can chat and see other peoples pokemon degins!!! how cool!
NaturalSerpent : wow that is good
JeanSofa : 帥
Grouvy : Perfect !
dez! : GOOD