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(Pokémon) Eevee
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(Pokémon) Eevee

2 months ago
eevee is a cute pokémon and alot of people seem to like this pokémon too :)

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happy weekend : aoooooooooooooooo is vire smool
Helgy : yes, i followed you :)
sydney34 : omg i love evee pok'emon
Helgy : :)
Fastdraw : You are awesome at this game.
isabelaFun : coooooooooool
T R U E X X X kid : i loved it i use it all the time hahah
f(x) : hmm...when I saw eevee ,it was so snowy!...oh,todayis chirstmas,merry chistmas everyone!!!
Fnafboy47 : Can you check out my eevee please? I did a pixel art version and Im also doing the evolutions.
Dimah Mazen : hi Helgy ilove this pokemon it is cute
Helgy : thank you, i'm training to be a person that makes 3D stuff :)
Helgy : i looked at it and i loved it :D
JuIia : What did you want to say?
Galexy star 02834 : hey i like your design
Maker : hi helgy! audrey a has made something for you and wants you to see it! so if you could please go to her account that would be great!
Audrey A : Helgy there's a new design by me based on you!
alpish : helgy can i be your freind please
f(x) : such a cute 3D pokemon,I love it so much! You are a real 3D artist!
FishDog : not what i ment to say. i ment to say frick it is so cute
Helgy : okey :)
Audrey A : Hi Helgy I'm one of your followers! Cany you please fetch Julia?I need to tell her something.
Squishypaws08 : thats my name !!!!
Squishypaws08 : awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
mehcupMagic : it looks like the real pokemon
BadBen84 : Love the detail
LilBigCk : Shdhd
devil pastle 254 : i love it ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I LIKE TRTLES : the eyes are crooked but cute
snow queenBike : so cute
Mega rach : Cuty cute
P1k2ch0 : E
aqeelHat : so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Tim_Lloyd : @Helgy[-]
hwhnz : I can't do it
Helgy : eevee is kawaii ^-^
Helgy : i already have made him :) some time ago.
Prian Kung : Yes, it is very cute
hwhnz : Yes it is so cute
hwhnz : nice work
Kingsley ChengClever : Wow a so cool eevee
Gacha_Playz_Cookies : Ya that is pretty petty nice.Don't you agree?
Gacha_Playz_Cookies : Tish is so CUTE i can't even look away from it that is how CUTE it is!!!
sana&hamid : thank you so sososososo much that you were being agood friend :)
Maker : it is soooooooooo cute i can,t even look away .
Gacha_Playz_Cookies : SO...C...CUTE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aqeelHat : bhhbf
Ariana_aragon18 : awwww
Tim_Lloyd : make snorlax!!
Lillyonna Rodriguez love : coooooooooooooool
Tim_Lloyd : whoa thats cool that your mom works for maker empire!
Mr.rice : Hegly can we be friends?
Helgy : if that's true so is it pretty cool :)
Helgy : you're welcome my friend :)
PurpleDragon77 : you should do cranidos or tyrunt
meClever1 : can you make plusle and minun
abdulla ebrahim : thats pretty nice
Alacorn41 : I have a Eeveeevolution
unikitty emmy : hey helgy btw that rhys guy works for makers empire with my mum
SnailFastSofa32 : eevee wow so good zapdos was better tho
ElijahFancy5 : EEVEE EEVEE
Helgy : oh nice :)
Helgy : lol thanks :D
- blackbird - : that is sooo cute!
call me back when : Amazing evee pokemon
leila stronghat : omg good job
meClever1 : it's even better than the original version in the pokemon anime
Alicorn123 : i love eve she is my favoiret pokemon!