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(Pokémon) Hydreigon
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(Pokémon) Hydreigon

about 2 months ago
This is one of my favorite Pokémon :)

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meClever1 : Helgy what pokemon shall i do except for eevee
Helgy : you mean that boy band from Korea that do alot of music?
alpish : do you know BTS
addisyn blue : wow
Helgy : is it ok if i make it whene i have the energy to?
Grouvy : Hello @Helgy[-] Can you make Gyrados Please ! :D
Helgy : i made you!
Tim_Lloyd : thanks so much! im excited to see what it looks like, i know youll make the best
Helgy : i think i have a good image in my head how to make you look cool :)
Helgy : you're welcome :)
Tim_Lloyd : you should make Genersect
Tim_Lloyd : like my avatar, thanks!
Grouvy : He is Amazing :D
Grouvy : Oh thanks for creating the Pokemon i suggest :D
Helgy : thanks :D
Helgy : :D
Helgy : thanks :)
Helgy : how do you want it? :)
Helgy : yes i do
AngelYT : the best
26lemiller : coooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll sooooooo
Magical Hugh : do you play Minecraft
f(x) : That's pretty cool!!!XD
unawoes : i love it how did you make that?
Audrey A : Looks Very Cool!
Mr.rice : this is an epic build :D
Tim_Lloyd : hey Helgy, can you make me?
sana&hamid : wow!
Dimah Mazen : it is coooooooool!