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Swing on a hill
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Swing on a hill

about 2 months ago
i love the tree :D

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sydney34 : @princess[-] leila is my friend
sydney34 : @sydney34[-]
Magical Hugh : however did you get that shape for the tree?
Audrey A : Helgy, this is amazing! I really love this and I love the swings! :D
Helgy : you can if you belive in yourself and train alot :)
sydney34 : teach me
PuppLover : Great design!!! I wish I could create something as beautyful as that! Love Love Love it!!!!! : D
The Maniquin : I Love It!
Tim_Lloyd : me to!!
9isla : 10/10
Helgy : yeah try it, if you need tips you can ask me :D
JuIia : Maybe I should make something like that! :D
Magical Hugh : iiiiii llllllooooovvvvveeeeee iiiiiiiittttttttt
Magical Hugh : however
Helgy : i'm training to do trees so whene i make my game the trees there will look dope :)
Helgy : thanks, you can make alot of nice art if you know how to do perspectiv so things looks like it's far away :)
Helgy : it's a shape from "monster parts", you can look there for it :)
JuIia : That is sooo pretty! :D