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about 2 months ago
My friend :) hope you like it Tim_Lloyd

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Helgy : you're welcome :)
Helgy : lol, you can buy Google :D
TruckLogﺪﺷار : fgghhhrtgtttttttgghjjguoikjghjhgn ngn
Mslady : Cute
Tim_Lloyd : im buying amazon :D
ﺮﻤﻗ : cool
Helgy : :D
Helgy : yeah, you're getting ready for a meeting for a big company lol
Helgy : ^-^
Tim_Lloyd : your the best Helgy :)
Tim_Lloyd : i like how im adjusting my tie :D
Tim_Lloyd : im going to add a briefcase to my avatar because of this lol
Tim_Lloyd : @Helgy[-]
lil_kitten_sis : THANK U
Helgy : @lil_kitten_sis[-] she makes awsome stuff :D
Helgy : thanks ^-^
Helgy : thanks :)
lil_kitten_sis : hi,this might sound random but i need your help! To get my designs up i make really good looks can you sponser my Account i really need people to bye my looks so i can bye more and make more.... Im asking you please vist my accont and think about it...
Helgy : you're welcome my friend :D
JuIia : That is so cool! :D
Audrey A : That looks just like him! Great Job Helgy!
Tim_Lloyd : bought it!
Tim_Lloyd : its....its......AMAZING its so good!! thank you Helgy!!!!!
Helgy : :)
Oswaldorr : WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!