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7 days ago
I made it myself!

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loma fairy : wowie amazing
Master of unicorns : Claire, u also inserted photos
Katerina the dancer : True lets be freinds
lujain haitham : wooooooooooooooow ex
AnnaArmy : that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.
OliviaSmart : A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
Lilly.macdonald : Wow its amazing
Blu blu : So gr8!
Lilly Potter : Thats SO PRETTY
Alwaysthebest456 : History is made at the beach, lov it a lot
Alwaysthebest456 : A-Maze-Ing
SofiCool : Its not sooooooooo cool because i think you take a picture that it is just like that and then you insert it
DogMagicCup9 : Me chilling at the beach hearing songs and stuff
ClariVGG : Why are you girls arguing? Theres nothing wrong with getting ideas.
ClariVGG : Actuley, i ment “BULLY! “
ClariVGG : She says in the destcrition that she made it herself! Anyone whi trys hard can do something like this without pasting a picture! Bully!
ClariVGG : And sometimes ppl get ideas, u know!
ClariVGG : She! Not he!
ClariVGG : But if you arent, i dunno.
ClariVGG : I think your saying turn a maze into a design because it does that sometimes.
Helene74 : I love it
Yuri Cat Lover : Thats beautiful
Blu blu : Give them a break!
Blu blu : Oh COME ON!
Music_bubbles08 : Hi, does anyone know how to turn a design into a maze?
zo zoQuick : that is amasing that person shold win money
SofiCool : Trust me
SofiCool : i think makylapinkpop its right
SofiCool : I think
SofiCool : So theres no reason to say God Job or that it is cool
SofiCool : so if you say god job he just wanna be cool
SofiCool : So if you see this tipe of thing it doesnt take alot
SofiCool : I now how does he do this,this doesnt take even seconds is super easy even you can do it in 0 seconds
SofiCool : He just wanna be Cool
Mikaylapinkpop : Mmmmmmh
iloveMacdonalds : pretty! :D
salwa23 : amazing... good job
Nickchar : Shout to joshi is da best go look at his stuff and love his stuff alsoo plz love all my stuff
Zombies coming : Mmmmhm
Zombies coming : Sure but whats it like?
Aless devil : Omg this is great i love it it looks nice girl bye
ClariVGG : Ooh!
Mia grant : Well done
Mcd@wg : Try my maze