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3 months ago

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Okc : So cute
Master luke : I liked all of your designs.
Jack2234 : I am a kid
Bethany XD : Cool charmander!
UnicornGreenTruck : Its super doper cute i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!'
UnicornGreenTruck : Its soo cute i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UnicornGreenTruck : Its super doper cute i love it!!!!!!!!
Master mark : Wow
Master mark : OMG
WingWingWing : Lol
Jack2234 : Thank u hailey f
Makermaster-truck : So cool
Yuki Wong : Copy cat
grey.Arek : Woo
lion-Nicky : it's amazing i love it
A and R : You can copy plkcjy33 pokemon
AllysahZ : Pokemon
alexandra : Pokemon. Hey who are u???
alexandra : ivfkh
Master luke : Wow
HaileyF : WOW that looks so GOOD Jack2234
Aimee7 : nice charmander
Master mark : Master luke is my brother