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Iphone for the Refuges
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Iphone for the Refuges

about 1 month ago
Can we hit the 1000 likes mark.... probably not though

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Jackson Spear : I vagely remember u
Jackson Spear : Whas ur name
Jackson Spear : Really. Cool!
Elham lol : jackson me and you in the same school ilove you is my hurt ilove you so much😙
Elham lol : my name is elham ahmed do you remeber me
my beuty : viry nice
Jackson Spear : Thx for the likes guys
Jackson Spear : Im not sure
Jackson Spear : How?
GirlGenius : im not liking @JacksonSpear[-]
GirlGenius : why iphone!!!!?????
Angela : ya it's nice
dashQuickBook : mines better
Silvia stone : This is so kind I love it!
Fishstick1 : That racist
TigerRedSock92 : #wowwwwwwwwwwwww
FishPurpleSock72 : Nice!!!!!!!!!!!
Cocoa_force : Thats nice!
Jo kwi : So nice!