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17 days ago
she looks weird but okay XD, i love youtube!! :)

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Kawaii cute : And plz follow me
mahra @2020 : Ilove youtube
vnisa : Her outfit is sick
SnailCool69 : OMG
maryoom111 : wow the girl beu then the boy hahaha
Zoyoudale pink : I love it it.is so cool how do you do that?
SPIKE902310 : Awsome
Kitty catl : Yeah
sally-Much : Coo
Khushi25 : cool😎😎
jackTruck75 : okay do it
QueenVai! : Could i make this a outfit it would look amazing as a outfit. So ima get started if i should make it a real thing pls answer thx.-QueenVai
t.6f : hi
StellaEllabella : can I buy i
wower : cool
Maker : This. he's definitely my favourite
love lovley : LOVE
Kawaii cute : Make a facebook female
HunterSeeker13 : I like Youtube
لﻮﻬﺠﻣ ﻢﻗر : jake can u follow me
XxcookiexXSmart : Now be Quiet I want to make a video u-u
jackTruck75 : okay OwO, what's your tiktok?
XxcookiexXSmart : Tiktok
jackTruck75 : in what?
XxcookiexXSmart : :D i have like 2 vidoes -.-
queenbee7 : i love it
Hind username3 : Coooooooooopooooo
ToniClever : You are super cool and talented
jackTruck75 : jack*
jackTruck75 : youtube*
Purple Galaxy girl : I love you tube!! this is very creative!
jackTruck75 : i will be a youtuber and a tiktoker in the same time XDD
XxcookiexXSmart : TwT aw
katieLiTruck : Blah blah blah
bad dragon king : yah it's cool
jackTruck75 : nope not yet TwT
jay jayshoe : WoW
Ali_mali : Nice i also love yt
XxcookiexXSmart : So did you become a youtuber?
nyan cat21 : Deth comes for u~
BlankBoy : Bro you are better than me at this i do the my shaped thing i do bad but you nail it keep on going dude probaly one day you will get a scholarship for art!
Heaven'sGurl : i luv youtube
دﻮﺳا نﺮﻗ : coooooooooooooooooooooooooool
BrianBomb : Do a one about hulu!
Dewujehffejbnf vbh : Skitogirl4432
rheal : Yeah i agree
MaryaM-_-4 : wow that's cool how you do this
SuperGirlq : its really good 👌 and fantastic
Dewujehffejbnf vbh : That isso cool
rheal : Hmmph
sm_10 : cool
maryam haroonJet : woooowwwwwwwww
mimi@2009 : i love youtube
568424 : Nice
Elliaea : wow
Maker : That wust be why your so good
DaisySofa : You should sell it
Periodt ni : Make it for sale
566696 : wowwwwwwwww it is niccccccccccccccceeee
bad dragon : nice dude how you do thes things
DaisySofa : That is so pretty how did you make it
The miz : Okkkkkk
MMohamedissa2020 : nonononono
MMohamedissa2020 : ﻖﺤﺘﺴﺗ ﺎﻣ ﻻ
lacysbs : cccccccccoollllllllllll
fallure : ya ofc
The miz : Make one for free
jackTruck75 : now? now im using my phone , but sometime laptop
The miz : Momyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
jackTruck75 : i can draw what ever i want, none of your beissnaaassss
YasameenLover : Nice ;)
Jordynxapsara : This beatiful btw im the girl from the other art work you made you are so talented
@FashionCoin : Nice
Zahra Nasser321 : but it's cool
softball_is_vsco : For Snap, I added both of the users you gave me
Queen_OfAllDragons : Its still good and great job!
lina_mbc : cool very nice!!
sultana28 : cool
302561 : wow i lov it
HANODA : do you open a youtube channle
Ali_mali : Nice
softball_is_vsco : Try searching vscounicornz, that’s my snap!
Queen pariyna : Cool!
Queen pariyna : Welcome!
PrettyLilThang : Who cares if it looks weird? Its still good lol
jackTruck75 : hmm thanks! :)
jackTruck75 : my bemoji is a boy have a brown hair and green truning blue eyes and fluffy hair and i for get the dress :3
lily1234Lake : cool!
#TEDDY : its werid but the black and the red are really nice together if there is more details thats will be amazing :3
jackTruck75 : hmm thx
jackTruck75 : which? nuh i don't have youtube ;-;;
Helenexd94 : Cool
malak cutee : i like it so cute
AAVVNNAA : i on YouTube subscribe to my Channel
dragun Blue : wow i Liket so so so so so so so so mach
jackTruck75 : thanks
Zahra Nasser321 : you can draw boys more than girls :)
jackTruck75 : thank you :P
a2lmnsori : cool
DaisySofa : You should sell it
Faniuni : Wowwww
star28682 : she is a china girl
Jordynxapsara : Keep going
Jordynxapsara : Your so good
Addi :} : love it
لﻮﻬﺠﻣ ﻢﻗر : hey jake u are taken right
lina_mbc : very nice!!
jackTruck75 : nuh but i draw in my laptop and i see the likes and the followers and the comment in my phone ;-;
shad2204018 : wowwwwww it is naiccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
Alex mew : .-.
Fnaf fan shadow : So cool i wach youtube evry day
Maker : are you on IPad?
Anime_fan37 : coooooooooool
jackTruck75 : yesyesyesyes
Preck ☆ : Wow
#REEM ALMANSOORI : cool not bad
Unicorn123Fancy : Can you also check out my youtube channle:LD Shadowlady
@FashionCoin : Omg
_s292_new : cool, i use to spent all my time watching youtube vid, she looks so awsomw !!!!!
fallure : wow hi im a youtuber i have 1.89 million my name is emily my sisters name evelyn our youtube channel is emily and evelyn plz watch our cool vids
goodgame gg : cool