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A person [ j ]
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A person [ j ]

14 days ago
hm do you like it? the people says why you only draw guy's okay then i draw girls now uwu and ofc boy's

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BIG BOSGreen : i agree weth yuo
jack frosty : pretty cool UwU
Black add : howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
gacha_reEm : im still 3 minutes old
jenan8 : thnx ur the best >-< :P
Maker : you can make it free becuse my third 3 leter is J
s-m-d : so cool nice
gacha_reEm : well ur an adult (i think xD) teach meh ur ways ;-;
jenan8 : oh ok:( no need to draw me if u dnt want its fine^.^
cutegold✌ : i love it so bed is look like me lol that desevre a like
LaeLaeOkay : That kinda looka like me but then in devil form LMAO
Good-Guy895 : please follow me please
AestheticxHearts : cute drawing your so skilled
jack truk56 : wow its amazing
566940 : ldotLove it
softball_is_vsco : You’re drawings of girls are just as good as the boys. (Also I added you on snap)
QueenVai! : Nice job it looks like my sis. Nice. I have to ask you draw witha stylist right?
XxxsadxxX : its hard for me to draw in game but this look like my drawings
I rock meh hair out : I wish it was fo sale
alia@f : ♥♥♥♥♥
jenan8 : np >.
jackTruck75 : your welcome ,, and thanks :l
jackTruck75 : nuh ! sorry i forget but i will draw it now
jackTruck75 : oops sorry i will draw you now
YasameenLover : Thats the BEST DRAWING of a girl that i ever seen and i was about to tell u why cant do girls why u always do boys
jenan8 : wow i lovee it it looks just like me short black hair with frikels andi rely love this dress styel :p i actually thought that u drawed me but i remmemberd that u ddnt saw me >.
#REEM ALMANSOORI : i like her drees its cool it looks like my prom drees
XI_IX : COOOL Its cute
XxcookiexXSmart : She looks pretty
R3DM45K : i must protecc
Dark Halo : WOW
jackTruck75 : wait what do you mean?
jackTruck75 : nuh, go learn english well u-u
_s292_new : waw so cool...kinda looks like me whe wearing a dress like that :P
Eman #_# : COOL I LOVE IT SO MUCH !!
Donut163 : I think it’s really pretty. Good job making so many cool pieces of art!
ﺔﻳاوﺮﺨﻟا : Very Nice!!
the real faith 8055 : woooooooooow ^-^
ice fox : nice
nyan cat21 : *insert psyco bakugo face* DIEEE
gacha_reEm : ''a person''
softball_is_vsco : Okie! And you’re welcome.
maryam saif 7c : omg!!! I like it so so much...
jackTruck75 : oh thanks, and okay i will add you bk
jackTruck75 : XD? . .
NH90797Fast : Good work
XxMã¥åxX : Very bootiful makes me wanna cry TwT
littleelfroses : Cool!