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12 days ago
my channel name: krax tuber hope you like it and like,follow, subscribe,comment :)

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Fat penywise on a unicorn : Peny wise yea
Red deadFun : nice joker i love this joker
Rawan love you : Follow me plz
diamond ninja fox : pennywise
لﻮﻬﺠﻣ ﻢﻗر : can u draw joker from scuide squad
BTS77 : wow cool LMAO
MABRK505 : كل زق
7mdanko : Lmao
LYNX381 : What happended to his hair
hiba44 : i see it film
123 goShoe : umm hello??
123 goShoe : umm i love your dising
LYNX381 : It super cool
Cool.life.with.DARKA!!!! : Yeah its really good
jackTruck75 : nope,i will see it when i will go with my friends, why? you have seen it?
لﻮﻬﺠﻣ ﻢﻗر : nice i like it
Cool.life.with.DARKA!!!! : Pennywise did you see it2 ?
317205Lake : wow
JacksonTruck3 : Chd h c
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Allxson123 : First owo