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18 days ago
oof i took 20 min's to finish this Assh0le , please likes and comment

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isaiahMM12 : jfdxc vbjnmiuhygtfrdc vbhgfrdec
HDRZ_Ahm3d : yesh...
V girl : i love it plus can we be friends and follow me
stafiny989 : hi i come from instagram now
StellaEllabella : can i Buy it
Dragonbuilder : Can you buy my stuff i have only 100 tokens
jackTruck75 : oh that's cute
568372 : uau
baby yoda soda : @HDRZ_Ahm3d[-]
baby yoda soda : No problem
jackTruck75 : aw okay thanks buddy
jackTruck75 : thanks
baby yoda soda : @roofyshmoofy[-]
baby yoda soda : Its tragender
darbbersam2345 : Hey jacktruck great stuff there!
baby yoda soda : *just*
baby yoda soda : I hust like your art
baby yoda soda : Nothang
jackTruck75 : whah?
baby yoda soda : @jackTruck75[-]
013375 : I think you could’ve done better than this but I still like it (:
zinkers444 : *starts evildom music* g-get in there and g-get them! *clacks shoes and dances*
Cool girl37 : @eamore
Cool girl37 : I cna give u 70 when i get them
eamore : Can I also have 75 tokens? It would be so kind of you.
COOLFun7 : ):
Kitty catl : Wow this is so cool!!!
Cool girl37 : @jackTruck75[-] can i plz have 75 tokens?
noura salehBike : i liket tomsh
noura salehBike : noura
vnisa : UoU
zxc#12344 : wow
ellaGreen7 : i love your colers
ReeM HarT : so cute
ReeM HarT : cool
ReeM HarT : i liket !!!
mumCup : wow
Kawaii cute : Plz follow me
jackTruck75 : i know
jackTruck75 : oh hey there
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zinkers444 : he looks like a weeb....somehow
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jay jayshoe : SO COOL
addison6566 : WOW!!!!!!!!
SWAN2X : ?
mariammk6 : shat up is cool
Rainbow dog123 : Is this a girl or boy because it looks more like a girl but anyways great job
Darkwolf 246 : Can you please follow me
M.S.D108 : WOW
BlankBoy : Bro you are better than me at this i do the my shaped thing i do bad but you nail it keep on going dude probaly one day you will get a scholarship for art!
Donut163 : You are good at this stuff
DARE DEVEL MASTER : hi whats up
jackTruck75 : thanks! TwT
Jordynxapsara : Hahaha
meefat : wooooo
rheal : Aww
jackTruck75 : okay, only friends or bff, okay? promies?
rheal : Hmmm its super cool
00.5 : i liket
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302561 : oh i love oll uor de zaineg
~Macaron~< = -= > : ......we dont draw on instagram we show off our cakes so each family has a account :)
Vynboii42 : Nice job
AbdullaRFN : umg
the famous king : i love this
ﺖﺑﺎﺛ ﻦﺑ ﺦﻌﻤﺟ : Give me passport one minute
ﺖﺑﺎﺛ ﻦﺑ ﻪﻌﻤﺟCool : Hi why is your name
cutegold✌ : woooow
mrm.2006 : @mrm.2006[-]
DARE DEVEL MASTER : hi can u teach me how to do these caracters
jackTruck75 : aw thanks! :3
S596796 : wow ^O^
jackTruck75 : whah?
kingSock6 : i loveit
302561 : @jackTruck75[-]
jackTruck75 : oh okay? my instagram: k_xiv123 , add mehhh
YasameenLover : I liked it
#REEM ALMANSOORI : its cool i like the hair color
YasameenLover : Love the hair
nathalieHappy : It looks nice
DARE DEVEL MASTER : i a fan of ur work
@FashionCoin : Pretty
Khadeejah1234 : @Choco Donut31[-]
big girl2008 : oh cool (hi)
championship : Dude chill
Evee3 : No swearing or rude please!
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sultana28 : i like it wow
jackTruck75 : XD sameee *hi5*
_s292_new : nice, like it.. keep going :)
Eevee1 : Hi KatKat
dragun Blue : wow
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LemonKat : Nice
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Faniuni : I loveyour designs
Baby girl1234 : No he is mine
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bruhmoment69 : Where is the reddit guy?
jackTruck75 : nuh it's a g.a.y .-. , but yeah to me it's a boy
e-day pandaSmart : ???? The eyes are ehhhh ummmm scary -,-
jackTruck75 : okay good uwu
Jordynxapsara : I promise
Maker : His is ly faborite #
Donut163 : Wow, I see that you have done many differnt things on this, they are very detailed. Good for you!
jackTruck75 : wait wwhat do you mean ''hem me if you want ask hem'' ? [*scream* IM NOT YOU B*TCH GO F*CK YOUR SELF, IM THE ONLY ARTIST JACK HERE!! SO SHUT THE HELL UP] AND IM NOT URS !! IM SINGLI GUY !! {FOREVER}
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