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12 days ago
Nextflixe is the best app ever TwT....

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BaileyLake : I love netflix to
Xx_SniperEZX : this is my favorite one too
Glamorgirlgamer : Hes a vampier?
COOLFun7 : NO :(
jackTruck75 : okay, wanna talk .-. ?
am the queen : i wanted to buy it
king snow of world : wow is so so so so mach
trampoline2 : nextflex
mahra @2020 : ILove NetfLix
jackTruck75 : your welcome, you think if i did it 3D will be better or if i draw it 2D ?
R7SA : mn htha
mansour ayed : how did you get hair
blo118 : guys xD
jackTruck75 : okay :\
KingYT : Okkayy well it acseped
KingYT : Sure?
KingYT : Idk who he is .-.
jackTruck75 : ? .-.
KingYT : Hiii and who are you
youzay11 : cool ya,ll
mqCup : @woow[-]
q_0s7 : netflix time
q_0s7 : hi
q_0s7 : روعه
i am rafia : With out e
i am rafia : The first one
Mx_24 : nice i like netfixe
empress_dharya : This is my favorite one
Kitty catl : ¡
Glamorgirlgamer : HEY IF YOU WANT YOU CAN GO TO MY DESIGNS AND START A CHAT (pls follow me)
Glamorgirlgamer : He dose look like one right?
Glamorgirlgamer : Looks like one!
jackTruck75 : no XD
KingYT : @jackTruck75[-]
Kawaii cute : No tiktok is
KingYT : Cool
Just DriDri : Nice
AbdullaRFN : netflix or netflixe???
StellaEllabella : can i buy it
t.6f : hi
vnisa : OuO
jackTruck75 : whah?
kinderlife77 : cool!
DARE DEVEL MASTER : i mean if u"D like :~}
DARE DEVEL MASTER : me to and hi again i really love ur designs can u put netflix and snap chat so can by it plaese i gin givv u new merch if i like
Lilysumner : Omg
jay jayshoe : And its ok
jay jayshoe : Thx uwu
لﻮﻬﺠﻣ ﻢﻗر : guys can u folllow me i want 100 followers we can do it
AAVVNNAA : me too have Netflix
lamess : i LOVE IT
jackTruck75 : okay thanks
Great kitty : I folwwed u!
jackTruck75 : same XD
Mal flores : Wow
Great kitty : I call it neatflix!
i FELIX my day : awwww he is handsome~
re_711 : انا عربيه
jackTruck75 : oh sorry i didn't see your comment cuz i was teird, and sure that's really good idea! uwu
zxc#12344 : i love netvilxe
STU#572460Truck : are you arbic
STU#572460Truck : @STU#572460Truck[-]
BIG BOSGreen : WoW
katieLiTruck : Blah blah blah
jay jayshoe : Can u do a Disney+ one?
jay jayshoe : I love this design
salem_984 : this is the best one
mrm.2006 : @mrm.2006[-]
jackTruck75 : every night i go whatch a scary movie
rheal : OMG but Awww
mahra @2020 : kyot
ProGamer6096752 : XD no YOUTUBE IS AND TIKTOK
Dark Halo : Netflix is hawt xD
Queen_OfAllDragons : I can draw him in my sketch book and make a story?
jackTruck75 : hmm good for you, okay do whatever you want
jackTruck75 : and byebye .-. i read the stuff ->-
RanvirSB : How
zinkers444 : hey mike whats ur favorite show\series on netflix?
sho sho 💖 : I likett and i teak photo so cuute❤👄
mimi@2009 : woow soooo cool i always watch in netflix
jackTruck75 : i just whach movies .-.
AbdullaRFN : wow
Maker : how are you so good?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
sally-Much : Coo
ALMANSOUIA75 : hahaha, XD
bruhBoat : does he watch twilight on there xD
a2lmnsori : wow cool
ahmed saifCool : Wow❤️❤️
Eripmp srekam : I love Netflix too!
Meem.Devil : like it >w
YasameenLover : Oh my bro alwas be on netflix
Jordynxapsara : Ive have seen all of your work let you how beatiful it is its so realistic and nice and beatiful keep up the work btw are an artist
302561 : i love natflix move oll day i see only wan ramdan come i dot see bat i lavit its so cool
Queen_OfAllDragons : I have Netflix and I watch and cool drawing!
softball_is_vsco : Netflix is awesome!
zinkers444 : netFLEXXXX LikE ThiS coMmEnt Or Ill SteAL Ur sUBsCripTIoN
@FashionCoin : Wow
jackTruck75 : T Tt Th h H nN k K s S Sk s k sk XD
Sheikha_771 : wow
F.M.Almansoori5D : i like netflixe 💛♥♥♥
malak cutee : WOWWWW WOWOWOw i love netflixs soooo much !!
shayoom144 : amazing from where did you bring the hair and ears
Sheikha_771 : I liket so match
jackTruck75 : *slap you* okay i did
dragun Blue : wow this is Net filxe
Broken Hearts : Is he ur friend aswell? XD
dragun Blue : where youtube?
blackdevil30 : what you watch?
jackTruck75 : red room, the ring,the zombies that on trian but i for get the movie name, Eli, happy death day, it, and many movies
jackTruck75 : same, but all night so i get scared but i don't get scared .-.
ice fox : cool
ALMANSOUIA75 : i l l li i ik e e v v ve r ry m mu u chch
Ali_mali : Cool
blackdevil30 : i watch netflix all day XD
Broken Hearts : Oooo nice deisgn :D
BlankBoy : Bro you are better than me at this i do the my shaped thing i do bad but you nail it keep on going dude probaly one day you will get a scholarship for art!
bad dragon : hi
bad dragon : hi
Maker : Awesome
Anime_fan37 : wowwwwww
jackTruck75 : idk :P
#REEM ALMANSOORI : its so cool
jackTruck75 : thanks, and i have netflixe too >->
blackdevil30 : XD XD XD
jackTruck75 : and annabelle XD *faceplam*
zinkers444 : NOWWWWWW
jackTruck75 : whah? XD
jackTruck75 : Same!!
zinkers444 : i watch peaky binders ITs The BesT SErIeS
blackdevil30 : XD XD XD
GabriellaBadGrl : wuh th th that is hot
Sheikha_771 : nice
jackTruck75 : -_-, that from my mind duh
LemonKat : Nice!