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18 days ago
he looks weird and scary little bit :\

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HunterSeeker13 : i am that bamboo
774.6nineHappy : واو مره حلو كيوت
Donut163 : Ok, that really weird, but you also put a lot of detail into it, so i guess its cool.
jack truk56 : i like it
shayoom144 : i like it it look good but from where is the face
zinkers444 : panda dude:MMMM IT TASTES LIKE COCAINEEEEE
mqCup : woow
Good-Guy895 : please follow me and i will follow you bake
Zahra Nasser321 : yeah!!!!
jack truk56 : its very nise
Ajsma55 : عي
Sh_11_ad : it's so good
Sh_11_ad : i like it
Sh_11_ad : how you do it from where
Pandagray54 : Cute
fatma ss : wow
BriCrandall : Kinda weird .but cool
EmmaPurple7 : awsome. you really are a artist
CSDBike : I liked is vaer keuat
jackTruck75 : hmm cute, cool
jay jayshoe : I love pandas its my fave animla :3
Ali_mali : Cute
BlankBoy : Bro you are better than me at this i do the my shaped thing i do bad but you nail it keep on going dude probaly one day you will get a scholarship for art!
sultana28 : wow cute panda guy
jackTruck75 : okay thanks
DiyaSamani666 : All your desighn are amazing!
sho sho 💖 : so cool
mahra @2020 : Byo tee3 Fall
rheal : Cool
@Gamer wolf@ : Ahhhh
ice king master 308 : it's cute i luv it soooo much!
92y : what the _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
alyazya almuhiri : wwwwwwwwwwwwooooooow
YasameenLover : Cccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ make a pand girl Plzplz plzplz plz :D
YasameenLover : My fav animal is a panda and that is SUPER
jackTruck75 : XDD, i love cat's too, and fox and puppy's
_s292_new : waw, I'm inluv with panda & cats & puppy's, & this drawing is super duper kawaii!!!!!!!!!!! XXX333
#TEDDY : thx i hope i get one as soon as the virus disappear
jackTruck75 : click on the button that behinf the orenge button, the button color is blue, click it and draw one by one so you can draw what you want , and that's all :)
goodgame gg : nice
AnaStar : Yasssssss!
@FashionCoin : Is super cool
@FashionCoin : Omg
blackdevil30 : aaaww
jackTruck75 : okay sure?
HANODA : i love panda
fk_.13 : i love it
_s292_new : shaper
HANODA : @jackTruck75[-] can you please tell me from where do you drew in maker
#TEDDY : thats cute! ^-^ im in love with pandas and bears also sloths,cats
Thefastpandaa : Panda! Xd
jackTruck75 : aw cute , hope you get one
queenbee7 : i love it so much
jackTruck75 : ooh you don't have?
jackTruck75 : XD TF
BIG BOSGreen : ًoww cool
LemonKat : Nice
HANODA : in shaper or blocker
#TEDDY : so much*
queenbee7 : hey jacktruck75 can you follow me
_s292_new : whah (TF) ???
Anime_fan37 : cuteeeeeeeee
Jordynxapsara : No problem
HunterSeeker13 : Eat Me
568372 : keut
568372 : gogogogogogoggogogogogogogoggog
Alia 1221 : WoW
Jordynxapsara : Just an idea
Jordynxapsara : Hello if you dont remeber im jordyn i love your art work its so preety your amazing at this keep going when you dont want to do this on a game anymore make artpecies
Evee3 : Cute!
redvelvet COOKIE : me too *hi* hee hee
Lapauli_fancy : Cool!!
4444Bike : cute
jackTruck75 : uhm but i dont :P, and this only for comment not chat okay
Baby girl1234 : I really like you a lot for real
XxMã¥åxX : Kawaiiiiiii
dragun Blue : wow is osaime
#TEDDY : i love pets very much i hope that i get a pet soon
jackTruck75 : XD yeah
phantomTruck : noice