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16 days ago
hope you follow her, her designs are amazing uwu

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XxcookiexXSmart : Okie :>>>>>
jackTruck75 : wait you have orange hair in real? [ mind: hmm looks like jolya]
.M.O.N.S.T.E.R. : can you make Midas
YasameenLover : Got it thx
jackTruck75 : okay you can @ her and she will know
blackdevil30 : do it whenever you want
Dark Halo : :0 wowwwwww
amandaLog : make it fast i cant wait long
phantomTruck : :)^﹏^ do
rawda_abdulla113 : OKOKOKK
Meem.Devil : k .
jackTruck75 : softball_is_vsco
Meem.Devil : what is her account so I can follow her?.
amandaLog : ufcors yes
jackTruck75 : okay yessir
amandaLog : can you make my avater
YasameenLover : K o will fllow her but tell her to follow me :) plz
jojoGreat7 : cute Gairl
jackTruck75 : it's fine, and sorry i was whatching a scary movie and then i sleep when i was whatching and i wake up now,im teird now, can i do it tomorrow with the other people that want me to draw them?
blackdevil30 : thnx mike~
Allxson123 : .???
_s292_new : ohh, thxx... I'll go follow her
Black add : dude
BlankBoy : Bro you are better than me at this i do the my shaped thing i do bad but you nail it keep on going dude probaly one day you will get a scholarship for art!
Fnaf fan shadow : Soooooooooooooooo cute
302561 : OMG wow i loveit it.s vary good
s-m-d : nice so cute
Jordynxapsara : Hi im jordyn pls respond to my other text pls i think that you are so talented you are amazing at this
blackdevil30 : if you're tired and can't do it it's ok and i'm sorry if i did anything wrong
redvelvet COOKIE : wow i like her she's so pretty
Black add : *L* ...........
Black add : really black davil i only wanted 500
jackTruck75 : hmm, i agree with you uwu
jackTruck75 : okay sure ;-;
jackTruck75 : okay ;-;
jackTruck75 : whah?
jackTruck75 : yep, thanks tom ;)
Tom_the aweome : softball_is_vsco
candy cake : nice
ice fox : cool
_s292_new : follow who ??
CatsGrey : Do me next please >.
softball_is_vsco : Omg it’s so cute!!!
Black add : holly jarvis
blackdevil30 : mike would you draw me my budget is 600 what do you think?
salem_984 : i like it
Eman #_# : COOL CUTE NICE !!!!!!
fk_.13 : cute
LemonKat : Coool