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12 days ago
uhhhh , i try my best to draw that, i know it'd doesn't look likr the real one but okay, please like , i really teird now :<

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BIG BOSGreen : WoW cool go and see my Designs too
Broken Hearts : Ohh amazing job. .v.
jackTruck75 : yeah uwu
cuteCool7 : movie
Charli meme : I sea
#TEDDY : that is funny XD XD
YasameenLover : I think it looks like the real its just like it
XxcookiexXSmart : Hi salem do you speak arab :)
phantomTruck : lol ime have a nightmare(not really my nightmares are awsome) col
Charli meme : And a scary light.
XxcookiexXSmart : It kinda looks like the real one
jackTruck75 : woops, that's hard :P
mqCup : @woow[-]
jackTruck75 : okay,, i whatch it too :\
jackTruck75 : XDDD .. .
salem_984 : ؟ ﻲﺑﺮﻋ ﻦﻴﻤﻬﻔﺗ
jackTruck75 : yeah uwu
salem_984 : ؟؟وووووﻮﺷ
jackTruck75 : nani? XD, she's not your nani XDDD
jackTruck75 : yeah TwT
Helenexd94 : I love scary movies
Dpadambom : Oh okay me too
Oofgirl200 : I have the movie too
Oofgirl200 : Even
Oofgirl200 : Im scared
لﻮﻬﺠﻣ ﻢﻗر : its funny but i like it
KingYT : Yaaa!!
amna mohammed : mamy
jackTruck75 : away**
Dpadambom : Who is muslime???
bb_xrim : wow scary art
June2011 : Scary art!
KingYT : Ohhh keep that ayaw from meeeeeee
wadima nabil : wwwwwwwowwwwwwwwwwwww
the queen112 : wow its so nice
jackTruck75 : cuz it's scary ?
mr deez nutsBlue : very nice but the movie is not good..
jackTruck75 : the nun, a movie
ebonneeb24 : same what is that
coolman23 : 0_o
Evee3 : Creepy stuff
FmSock : Scary!
mqCup : @MQCUP!!!!!!!![-]
#EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE : Wow u made her good
Clara Dixie : HoLy
SPIKE902310 : Cool
The miz : What is that
JesicagreenCool : Me too
AnaGrey7 : Como le haces
jackTruck75 : don't worry you will sleep XD
i FELIX my day : i hope i will sleep this night lol
566940 : skrea
LaeLaeOkay : So scary!
AWSPurple5 : شت
M8LXD : oooooo i love this movie
E-girl panda : Ohhhh
Lexi :] : XD XD XD
Ajsma55 : هههههه
Downtown girl : Did you wach the last one?
Ananumys : Make IT
Bubblie : *_*
013375 : How old are you
013375 : Ya
jackTruck75 : you mean annabelle? yeah i did
jackTruck75 : my you? i don't understand but okay u-u
Downtown girl : Do you watch anabel?
Aualam : that look like my you
XxcookiexXSmart : Btw Привет :>
XxcookiexXSmart : :) ﻢﻌﻧ
zinkers444 : yes but wearing nun clothes :0
jackTruck75 : oh okay XD, you mean ''nun'' right?
zinkers444 : *facepalm* thats not what i meant! XD
shathaJet8 : l sea this moviie
zinkers444 : NANI
Charli meme : I saw this movie too the story is real
Gravity girl : Oh, it’s your choice anyways.
Evee3 : So you’re 10 now
hiLake12 : bad nun bad
Gravity girl : Hey, i have a challenge for you. Can you make LORD VOLDEMORT from Harry Potter?
Meem.Devil : it's ok if you don't draw it well, CAUSE THIS IS AMAZING!!!!
.M.O.N.S.T.E.R. : this woman looks like my dads wife lol XD
MileyCup : ARHGGG!
E-girl panda : What is a Nun
coolman23 : That is scary
LemonKat : Same
013375 : I Watched it two years ago when I was eight.
013375 : Cool, I’ve seen that movie
satan gurl : yo das koo bruh
ﺔﻳاوﺮﺨﻟا : wow i love it a LOT!!
Lexi :] : Omg- look at the eyes they look like my brothers eyes
~Macaron~< = -= > : wow he looks like the skeleton in Minecraft
s782192 : nah not bad
jackTruck75 : thanks :>
Powerispower2.0 : This looks amazing! You did a great job! :)
XxcookiexXSmart : ‏ i was just asking cuz i can speak arab too and yes iam from russia uwu
CatsGrey : Woah
#TEDDY : i watched a long time ago i watched it in the school too with my teacher cuz we was learning about hunted dolls a girl decided to bring the movie to school that was so muh fun
jackTruck75 : oh cool, we can't whatch a movie's on school :[ , but we can bring phone's and ipad and we can smoke but i don't smoke cuz it's bad for my body u-u, but i will try to whatch a movie in the school after covid-19
jackTruck75 : huhh okay, ;-;
jackTruck75 : XxcookiexXSmart, you say your russian right? -.-
salem_984 : yes ?
ayato dl : hahhahahahaahhahahahaha
XxxsadxxX : TwT hellp... xwx
Donut163 : Creepy.
blackdevil30 : i hate them
jackTruck75 : XD, i whatch it yeasterday and i was with my friends, but all of them was sleeping only me and justin, and then i scream and max was gonna cry cuz he was sleeping and i scream in a long voice XDD and the others was like wtf man XDD
Free maker 2 : Ye sfor my cosin no
blackdevil30 : i hate it it scared me :'(
Helenexd94 : Cool
#TEDDY : well good try XDXDi love the movie and the game i was shok when i knew thet shes rods mom in the game
salem_984 : it is not creepy !?
Helenexd94 : Creepy and scary!
jackTruck75 : neh? what?
salem_984 : neh ..
#TEDDY : good try did u tried to draw evil nun??
fatma ss : o.m.g
@FashionCoin : OMg
XxMã¥åxX : Creepy .-.