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Funny looking Guy
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Funny looking Guy

by Jangel2
3 months ago
He has a hat too!!

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mayasdash : He looks french perfecto
Danita : My name danita stokes what is your name cool nice good that time of year
landonba : His mouth is mistash
Rapmon : Cool
Payton pizza lover : Omg it looks like cam
Thick : Sorry french dude
Thick : French dide
Jangel2 : My name is julian Angel and im 8
Danita : Hay what you doing to day now you know who i am girl or Boy
Miriam wow : Is he french??
dhabia12345a : good and nice
CatFancyPencil39 : cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
FirebladeGreyCup : oh la la !
mayasdash : Sorry what?
mayasdash : They can be both ways
Thick : No it isn’t
mazenali : yes i think its a french guy
mazenali : good
mazenali : good
harrison3367 : the moustache is upside down
Destrucor929 : Its a french guy.
Jangel2 : Yes