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dices of feelings
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dices of feelings

over 1 year ago
There is a easter egg somewhere near dice find it and tell me

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lulu333333 : amazing
matilda smith : I cant get it! I cant find the easter egg!
Abigail-fast : Nice design but you entered for the wrong competion
hayulpts : Oooooooplop gate
jonnytwcs : try and find the easter egg who ever finds it say in commet l found it
jonnytwcs : very good
jonnytwcs : yes good job
SophieK.brighton : I found it!
jonnytwcs.star : find a easter egg who ever finds it
jonnytwcs : nice dice
Rashad savage : Ewwwwwww
ElementalUnicorn : WOW!! AMAZING
kimm : Jonny, The competition closes tomorrow. Please make sure you enter this design as it is awesome.