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Fluoroscent  / Neon Reading light
Animated blocks cropped

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Fluoroscent / Neon Reading light

9 months ago
It has a stand so that you can stand it up if you can’t use the clip. P.S maybe you should view it and look around in a few other spots....

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JoshuaFR : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jade room12 : soooooooooooooooo cool!
WPS-SMA0008 : omg that is spectaculer.teach me how to do it.
LITTLE FLYER : omg how tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeee uh joshua
heidis1 : that looks so cool
Johnny_T_Wisse : Nice Bro
P-Mia : love it how did you do the neon light thing so cool
Furqan.fahad : @furqan.fahad[-]
JoshuaFR : @PepperoniPizza[-]
Furqan.fahad : @furqan.fahad[-]
JoshuaFR : i am following you in makers empire @ell[-]a bray
JoshuaFR : i thank all of you for all the positive comments! :):):):)
JoshuaFR : oooooooooooooooooooooooppppppsies i did something
JoshuaFR : i am following you in makers empire
JoshuaFR : @ella[-] bray
Pippa.N : do u shop at ama
Charlotte the cute : Awesome.great desine!
ella bray : wow its amazing i love the daetail
JoshuaFR : Thanks! :)
oliverel : do you like amzon
JoshuaFR : I made the neon thing by putting multiple of the same shape, but of different colours, inside each other
angieho : OMG!!!!! One of the best creations I've ever seen
JoshuaFR : Thx 4 supporting me everyone