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never forget you
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never forget you

11 months ago
to all my bffs

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Lilohorses101 : What font it the writing?
UBlueCupFastShoe : How long!!!
#Smart girl : .It is beautiful
super lei : I also feel that way. :)
Make a daily chalang for changing our characters look : I will also remember my fav teachers
Zara happy sock : Awwwww
8irdword : How did you do the writing HOW!!!!!!!!!
Emmy 9.13 : Wired but cool at the same time
Kitty Cake : She might forgot you?
GbcgStrongBike : Whats name of salwa
bakith2003 : ie liek ew
Wofiemagicgirl : What about me @joud.kh[-] and [c][9E58A2]@BALWA [-][/c]
salwa23 : l looove this one too ❤️ I'll never forget you too ❤️❤️ my bff
GbcgStrongBike : Im ghazal
joud.kh : wired sorry
Tk4Life : On shaper. It looks like this Tt then at the top of your screen you can edit the writing
Tk4Life : Werid*