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A blue dress
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A blue dress

3 days ago
I put it 20 tokens...plz put likes and comments

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kaikier123 : yes extraaaa gggggggoooooooodddddddd
Molang : I’m going buy this for shor besides In have 218 cones alredy
Riey girl power : i love it
KhanhRed : Nice
Molang : Butifull I’d war it all the time if she was me
GraceK2248 : Can you at least lower the price to 10?
rozy girl : We all have this and free!!!!
alice! : its nice
roseJet6 : Pretty
GoVolsLB26 : Wow cute
Shoughy 4633 : Wow so cool
BonnieH246 : Wow thats so cool
The starHappy : But i like it
Chloe Zamolo : plzz make it 5 tokens
Celia.zhao : Plz make freeeeee
Celia.zhao : Cute
amal sultan : omg it's so cool
joudybrave : sooooo cool
baby yoda3 : Cool
Kareem king : sooo nice
shareef2007 : great
Layan 13 : nice
Joudykind : great