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4 months ago
This guy isn't verry happy to be in there... (Suggested by the_big C!)

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sebas yamaha 9Cup : get hem out
Leahara : wow im impressed julia
jeylianie1 : hey can you make me a free cute girl design
ﺖﻄﺳ : vgnkh
King Pig the II : that is sooo cool! how hard was it?
Audrey A : Cool
alojeel_zooy : ما فهمت عليج
Footballplayers : I am Rooseveltfootballplayers
JuIia : thank you!
JuIia : aww thanks! :D
hind88 : هعمنتالقثصقغه7خغلا
Aurelia.kongFastTruck : this desin is great!
XxxsadxxX : no prob!
m7505 : cool : )
AlinaM : you are the best builder in the world!!!! im lovin it!
JuIia : it wasn't too hard, it just took some time :)
King Pig the II : that is cool!!!
JuIia : wow, I do have a lot of comments! XD
- blackbird - : tt is great! Just read your description and Merry Christmas to you too. *looks like you have won alot of comments!
Scorpia : amazing
Chi chi721 : wasn't hot it was easy
Chi chi721 : I was a bit of someone's well you should know that I was very hard leaving that stuff if you want to build one day someone else's stuff that they don't
lucy and sdra1231 : it is so nice
the_big C : tysm julia
JuIia : he's in jail for stealing something :)
JuIia : Thank you!
helloBike2 : you are amazing
helloBike2 : woooow why is she in jail ps looks amazing!!!!!!
XxxsadxxX : i love it!
oliviav3989 : how did you do that? Tell me now!
JuIia : Thanks! :3
cricketdogWPMH : i think it is great! in got a copy of it for free!!
Xx3Dboy : thats cool
puppyfun10 : hey guys
Puggylover : Cool
JuIia : Thank you so much! :)
JuIia : haha maybe :)
C.Ronaldoblue : that lady is under arest for stelling santa cookies
3PIC GAMER : that is funny
Xxx_godpro : great girl
Jenna L. : Its a secret
savageplays247 : wow impresive
Sweet Puppy Dingo : How did you do thsat
JuIia : :)
cupcake cuttie : how can you do this
filiptheawesome : how did you do this its so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!
Caitlin391 : OMG that is amazing
jaydenBike6 : popppopppoipio
alexFast2 : IM ONLY GOOD at edit
alexFast2 : HOW YOU SO GOOD?????
the_big C : mine too
the_big C : what really
Rona R : wow
Me chelsea : hiw do you do it cool
sanja14 : nice qow
Cuty buety the best in the world : cuty and buety Julia ilove you and your designs
aqeelHat : i
Peanut The Great : @Julia,[-] I have liked your idea on your last drawing, I love how you spend so much time and effort on this!
JuIia : Sure, that would actually be fun to make! :)
JuIia : Thank you! :D
Me chelsea : make some plzplz cool
DONNACool : Yeah my mom is in jail
adriana123go : bad
QueenCapri : oh no
LaserMVP : trap u
queenmoni : so cool how do you do it w.o.w
the_big C : tysm for doing a jail i request that tysm now make a school please
3ishaaa : wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
JuIia : maybe... who knows? :)
JuIia : Thanks!
JuIia : Thanks! :)
Mia is awesome : good job that is amazing
N O O B : Oh noes, is he be go the to escape the are is prison??...
Ice Warrer : :P :3
Ice Warrer : :P
Julia.2008 : This is cool
Helgy : oh no :o
zahra the flower : becouse ew of jullia
JuIia : Thank you :)
JuIia : Yeah, he sneaked into someone's house :)
APjediforcepower10 : So so good
ButtChair : Qqqq
ButtChair : What
Grouvy : Good
Helgy : nice and did this guy rob someone?