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7 months ago
This is much better dragon than my first one I made a when I first started XD

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JuIia : Oh ok! I’ll see your other designs ^-^
Fluffy_Puffy231 : Btw can you come see the other dragons i made? There really cool! Btw this is thefastpandaa im just on a new account :3
tinaweena : amazing work i wish you could teach me how to make cool stuff like that %%%%
JuIia : The one from Creeped Out? Yes I do. I'll try to do it :)
PATSFAN : check out my designs pleaseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PATSFAN : super cool i love it
46ﺒﻟ : gooooooood
sanja14 : degereqghehbhtagagtgertgfr
JuIia : of course! :)
JuIia : sure! :D
Maker : julia can we be friends
Christabellove : love it nice job
gloriaFancy : you want to be friends?
sory-you-are-noop : ejriruwjkernjghretjhtjkhyjhtyrtykjrty,rkrtjnelrgjrehgyrtjk,rt
sory-you-are-noop : qdygweryuegry3teytyehqwegqwegqweyqwgeyqtyqgyuqw5463grydhewnjsnfjhewhrgegrywgwffhertrek3kyl;l56kukpo7i8oi6i8o6i78o76iouk67ki67ku67k,,gfhkjgjhgmkhjkrthjkjhritjitj
LionFancy79 : wow
Mslady : Hi julia can we be friends??!
Ariana_lit_cutie : i love it amasing
JuIia : Thanks! :D
JuIia : Thank you! :D
Audrey A : Amazing! Inlove it! =D
Helgy : soooo cute!
nora3-1 : WOW WOW WOW WOW
nora3-1 : WOW
hsbka7 : like me i will give you 100tokens hsbka7
giraffeChair : nice
MasterJoJo : Epic
PrincesEmmy : Great job!
sana&hamid : wow!
axv : rfrfrrrt
Mslady : Julia, Can you make the Curious from Creeped out. Its my Favourite Series! Please.
asm8 : hjhkylgllkylkhtigfpgjkfkfkflkmvlr3y936fij o
Mslady : hehe
ahmad yahia 2234567 : very nice
Harrysavege : Nice Nice
Maker : thanks julia
ahmad yahia 2234567 : very nice
saif25Red : df
jessegCool : Hi Julia, Do you know who Kindlesticks is? Can you Make him for me. I will Love it.
JuIia : Oh I love that series too! I'll try to make him/ her ( We don't know their gender yet :O )