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Mickey Mouse
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Mickey Mouse

7 months ago
Mickey is the most cheerful and happy rat/mouse we know! :D

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Pinky1238 : Your great i owe you!
Puggylover : Its cute :3
acualoya : to 4
acualoya : ba
rashid110 : but but 2
rashid110 : Rashid the same time as well as the same time as well as the same time 5th and 4raaar1r1s
sansFancy : WOHOOO
aaronPurple : nice
1d9s : .,mm.
lindsay i think : never mind its that i know someone who goes to school with me named julia and no i live in the USA
rivers737 : amaze ball!!!
lindsay i think : is this julia who goes to school with me???
JessiFast : Anyone want to be frends?
578463 : haab
578463 : .r,,,,,,,
578463 : hi
rahhhhma : LOVE IT
shaelyn1527 : woow
julieta soto : lo amo
Go12345 : cool
cupcake cuttie9 : lk how to do that lf your trick
jaelynChair : love it
zackcoolBlue : wow
baby yoda3 : hi
VikingPrincessJazmine : thats so cute!
Heplogg : =D XD
Benpro : OMG
elexa : i love it
dariyon h : love
HANODA : its so butful i like it
jay jayshoe : yes
JaymirGreen : can you date me
Dimah Mazen : wow
JuIia : Someone gave me a Mickey Mouse stuffed-toy on my first birthday and I still have that untill today! :D
JuIia : Can you please stop spamming? Thank you :)
shaiSmart : kbhbiuwrhg[zdgikergkio\wekmo[frgekmofkomfskme
Mslady : Nvm
sanja14 : is he even a rat
Ariana_lit_cutie : make everybody from mickey mouse clubhouse
mkmkSock : mickymous clup hous
Mslady : Julia whats your roblox username
Sara good : cute but can you make mini mouse thouh
SomeGuyCity : Nice!
Galexy star 02834 : u r an artist
saintsrowfan123 : i needed to make a new account
f(x) : Oh where's Minnie???
saintsrowfan123 : hi julia its me fernandothebravesurvivor
lil_kitten_sis : Omg this is soooo cute @JuIia[-]
ﻲﺒﻌﻜﻟا : beutifl
VikingPrincessJazmine : mickey and minnie are my favs, i have them everywhere in my room, i love this
Audrey A : I agree! I love Mickey!
PrincesEmmy : Thats amazing!
Helgy : mickey is out for blood
Seyara : Amusing
stitchSofa : wow!
sofiadossi : cool!
nyan cat21 : cwool
JuIia : hahahaha XD
JuIia : I'll make her next time :)
anoodg : 👀
cupcake cuttie9 : lk how to do that
the_big C : how old are u?
xxx_UAExx_ : wow good drawing
Seyara : @Julia[-]
kraujose1 : mary me plz!
Mslady : Julia im Following you!! @JuIia[-]
unikitty emmy : im scared now
Helgy : i got i really funny image in my head right now, a kid stands infront of him and mickey mouse stares down on him lol
JuIia : 11 lol
Galexy star 02834 : cool i love mickey mouse
JuIia : Thank you! :D
JuIia : :D
JuIia : I like both :)
FaithSmart : rather prefer minnie mouse
leah6Hat : yo yo
nyan cat21 : uuuummmmmmmmm
Maker : I still cant get over how amazing this is!!!!
JuIia : ummm do you live in Australia??
Noobmaster56 : jk i like it
Dimah Mazen : cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!