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Apple iPhone
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Apple iPhone

by JuIia
7 days ago
An Apple iPhone with the actual logo on it! :)

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BramblestarAva : how do you make the apple sign?
Emily_Harrison : tik tok- @Emily_Harrison[-]
brockwi : wooooooooooooooooooooow
C.Ronaldoblue : nice
Yfcgffjggvyg : awsome i can't even make this
TigerSock80 : omg!
sana&hamid : coool!!!!
alyazi cool : iojimjnitcgjbhnjgjhubjnbkjnmrolminjlmu rasvgbfhvbglmjnibu hngbyvbhcvfbgcnolgfbhvvctcpwe5cfv4cnjbghpmknol vfdbgvibhlnkuopxdbknbmklovnkmjn
Emily_Harrison : oh yes i have an iphone 11 pro comment down if you have an iphone
JuIia : well yeah that's what I have....yeah.. that's sad.. XD
JuIia : I can't show you, but I can give you some tips!
JuIia : Thank you!
Tue Minh : it's amazing !
KaidenFun : Can i ask you someting
Witch girl2000 : do you want to talk
Witch girl2000 : ok what do you want to talk about
Emily_Harrison : youtube channel- asha world LETS GO GIRL 123
miaTruck9 : i got apple phone
Audrey A : That's so realistic...
Emily_Harrison : if you havent already go check out my tik tok, instraram and youtube channel
Emily_Harrison : big shoutout to Julia
Voed : cool phone
JuIia : thank you!! I copied of the phone that I'm using lol
JuIia : Thank you! :D
robobear : wow
alicia.jamies : [c][9E58A2]@ayy.desti [-][/c]
JuIia : it was hard..
Juillia the best : im Juillia the best
Mia is awesome : follow this gil she has the bets art. her name is @Scarlettmendoza[-]
JuIia : what?? How did you know?? it is an iPhone 6! XD
JuIia : Thank you! :D
JuIia : Well.. I'll try..
Tiona 31 : Hi i really like your design Julia.
BramblestarAva : cool!
rosePurple5 : this is amazing
PeterFast4 : is cool
kaylinc : wierdo
Fuffy kitty : OMG it is free
RichardBoat : awsome hey look at my skin and stuff
lyla_56 : wasnt it?
miaTruck9 : i got a a
Mrs Stacey Flamable : U FORGOT TO SET A PRICE!!!!! LOL
amina the queen : ello julia
hulk smashJet : i phone
elexa : that is amasing
aroseCup : amazing
ChillShoe : wowowoowowow
mannyLake : I think it is easy
Cutie_Super3 : Thanks, Julia
AlinaM : how you do that?
PaolaL : i love it. so amazing
Chookle : stop saying that mrs stacey flammable, its getting old
rakanalmahri11 : ipone six
destiny.v : @ayy.desti[-]
JuIia : idk
haila232Boat : woooooooow
JuIia : sure :)
JuIia : thank you!
tya.dhayaparanmarshmallow : It is the best. It is very realistic and very creative idea of yours!!!!!!!!!! Could you tell me how to make an apple iphone
Witch girl2000 : um whats your favrioute animal
JuIia : Thank you :D
V 92 : Wow
Unicorn_puppy : Thank you for making it free!!
emilyClever5 : i love it so mush
Galexy star 02834 : is it an iphone six
V 92 : Good
@\/@ : like this comment if you agree ;)
,x,x,d : Hi
Witch girl2000 : hello
vEllthegoat : amazing
V 92 : So
Witch girl2000 : and horses
Ashlet345 : Amazing could you do the iphone 11 if you have time
@\/@ : It was the fruity challenge, not the iPhone chalenge.
GretaMagic : eso es un ipone
JuIia : yes it was, especially the Apple logo :P
Witch girl2000 : um i dont know as well
JuIia : Chickens and pugs lol
Witch girl2000 : cute mine are puppys
27ajcrawford : its cool
Ava.wl : Great job
yar YETT : s
BiancaClever : i love it!!
V 92 : So
Emily_Harrison : Instraragram- @Emily_peace[-]
IcelandHat : This i phone looks so cool i just love it.
V 92 : That
queenbee41683 : ooo its free.
V 92 : Looks
chrisMagic : iphone 6
me yay : nice
maryam. 3 : You Good job
kate ryder : whaaaaaat?! please tell me how to do that!
hik. : wow
1234edd : nice
bulldogboy63 : nice
yar YETT : s
haila232Boat : 👌
Queen Mal/Villan kid : OMG!!! LOVE IT!!,
JuIia : :)
ItsEli : Nice price
1234edd : cool
chel123 : lov it
Emily_Harrison : thanks
902020868 : hi
cfi.alessagipBook : yea baby
JuIia : Sure!
kombatevan : nice job
mohmmedQuick : وتسنن
CleverClever : hiiiii whats up
Emma ReeseQuick : How did u do this
fuckyouGreen : apple will sue you!!
JuIia : :D
Rachelpink : i have a iPhone 11
sanic.io : loooooooooooool
sanic.io : lol
JuIia : First of all, use shaper, it's a lot easier to get the logo and you already have most of the shapes you need! For the actual iPhone, use the cube with the rounded edges, it will look a lot more realistic! The hardest part is probably the logo. What I used was two flat circles and the moon shape for the leaf and the bite. What I suggest is to make the logo bigger, then chain all the parts you used and just adjust it to the right position!
Tanielle's Demon : Of u see this comment u have 2 like it;)
JuIia : thank u!
AlinaM : wow my friend commmanted
3637V12 : Love It My Friend
redGreat : love it
fishfancy cup57 : sooooooooooooooooooo cccccooooooooooooooolllllllllll
JuIia : Thanks! :D
JuIia : No, we can't meet in real life, but it's nice that you want to know me :)
Dman2098! : make iphone 11
ChristianSofa : Hi can i meet you in real life not to be wierd but like your kind cool
ABCWW : so realistivc
Dman2098! : how?
Your cool yoga teacher : soo oooo sooo good
steelecc769 : how did you do that
numnum1 : Its lovely want to be freinds my acount is Numnum1
Fnafboy47 : Thats pretty spot on nice job
joshua. 453216 : joshua
adilene2008 : That is cute
AVAHOVIS : love it
Cool Crystal's Cave : Want to talk?
PlayImmiPlay : Nice Job Julia!
Mariasafi11 : good job
Lily-green6 : i love it!
Pug Queen : Wow!
Mehalia : nice
Twink daark pink : make me a iphone 11
Juillia the best : wow cany help me to do some from yor best invintion and buy from me i have good things
Witch girl2000 : that must of been hard to make
elexa : i,i can't even talk about it i tried to do it but i just can't ♡♡
902020868 : haha no i didt like
queenbee41683 : cool i made one too
Miriam happy face : I agree
Cool Crystal's Cave : yours or mine?
****ةرﺎﺳ : ه‍ي
1234Shoe9 : food
JuIia : :)
Isabella.S #3 $ : good goob
1234Shoe9 : eat
Isabella.S #3 $ : sorry did not see your 11 days ago
loving blue : love it
Isabella.S #3 $ : sure wree
Isabella.S #3 $ : ?????
Cool Crystal's Cave : Want to talk?
Isabella.S #3 $ : I go to BSIC where do you go to
Isabella.S #3 $ : sorry good job
Cool Crystal's Cave : want to go on a different design?
Cool Crystal's Cave : @Isabella.S #3 $[-]