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Mickey Mouse :D
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Mickey Mouse :D

8 months ago
Draw your favourite cartoon character - Mickey was my first favourite, and he still is! :D

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alyazi cool : jimkuhjinjm 4852910 416250iomknubnjgyh lmknj 452900djnhbimyuhjntnjlmkjm 49250 plmkkom,jin 4592510 5291260
anella12345 : I love mickey mouse
Fredericka : not cool layla
C.Ronaldoblue : Mickey mouse had house under neth the movies when the movie. started what coulor was his gas??
pennie24 : omg check out my posts plz i neeeeedd more likes and commets
Fairy unicorn princess : follow me please
Galexy star 02834 : i love it because i love mickey mouse
Unicorn_puppy : I loove it. I also looovvveee mickey
rmns : i love mickey mouse
JuIia : Hope your sister liked it!
Holé : Gg guy
numnum1 : how do you make it
ItsEli : m
JuIia : haha I kinda agree
EJyeet : gr
Peanut_Butter : its a little bit scary @JuIia[-]
yoyoFancy9 : Aaliyah
Blue fish 15 : But hi.
Blue fish 15 : That is so cool my sister loves mickey mouse
XxEvelynHazelxX : awe, cute! :D
catlog72 : hi i love it my sister is dogcool25 really i love cat and she love dogs and she talking about you and your picture
JuIia : oh lol :P
Lily-green6 : i used to love that show! until i watched creepy versions on yt
DogCool25 : $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$i lov it
JuIia : Yup :)
DogCool25 : wow your the first in my game
DogCool25 : julia come see the new maze i did called :zzgarden
JuIia : me too! :)
DogCool25 : i like it because i love mickey mouse
Audrey A : I love Disney
JuIia : XD
Mrs Stacey Flamable : u forgot to set a price!!!!!! lol
KaidenFun : I Love Mickey Mouse
JuIia : Blue. B, L, U, E, that means you are in!
JuIia : aww thank you so much!